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Lou Reed became as Lewis all Reed (* 2. March 1942 in Freeport, Long Iceland, New York) is an American musician and Songautor. It was together with John Cale one of the initial members from Andy be-gets inspired volume The VelvetUnderground. Reed is considered as one of the most influential musicians on the Punk and alternative music. He lives together in New York town center with the American performance - artist Laurie Anderson one .

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Lou Reed spielte in verschiedenen Schulbands und nahm eine Platte als Mitglied von „The Shades“ auf. Reed visited the Syracuse University, where he became acquainted with the poet Delmore Schwartz, its intellectual Mentorbecame and it the creative letter energized.

Reed was interested also in Free jazz and experimental music as from La the Monte Young, with which John Cale co-operated. Once Reed, its goal said it, the feeling SAMnesses of the novel was on the skirt - music tooto realize transferred or the large American novel as music album.

Later Reed pulled to New York town center, where he worked as Songschreiber for Pickwick records, which produced dance music at the assembly-line. He was joint founder that volume „The Velvet Underground “and played guitar, sang and wrotemany the Songs. Although those was successful volume during its existence commercially not, V.U. applies. as one the most influential Undergroundbands of all times.

1972 started Lou Reed its solo career with the Glam skirt - album „Transformer “, which was produced by David Bowie. This „Berlin followed “, ofa dear history of two June gravel in this city acts. This album is characterised by its oppressive tendency and contains Songs like „Caroline Says II “(force), „The Kids “(prostitution and drug abuse), „and, not surprising The Bed “(Suizid), „Sad Song “.

Lou Reeds topicswere their time far ahead. The popular music reached Reed only with the emergence of the Punkmusik in the middle and end of the 1970er years, but even then its songs were singular: either of the feedback of the guitar overlays or tenderly melodisch; Reed sings usually over the uneasiness toSchäbige. „Mill on the game simmer “is an ironical greeting at the outsiders, Stricher and Transvestiten in Andy Warhols The Factory. „Perfect Day “is a praise singing at Reeds heroin craze and in the sound TRACKs of the film „Trainspotting - new heroes “was later taken up.Lou Reed took up and developed topics , which treated all Ginsberg and Jean Genet, it further. Reed was always a strong personality; it was the spirit of the time ahead, instead of adapting to him. Thus it preferred black leather and sadomasochistische Outfits in the HIPPI time of the sixties.

1975 it produced the double album „Metal Machine music “, which consists only of guitar feedbacks and is rated of some as attempt to loose-come from its disk contract. The skirt journalist Lester Bangs called it ingenious. Although the data are fictitious for occupation, Reed attaches importance to the statement,that it concerns a serious album. Reeds plates of the late seventies are rated of critics as less successful. That is attributed to its increasing drug problems and to the fact that the disk companies Reed in musical regard left only little free hand.

Into the early eighties Reed the drugs gave up, in order to turn to more important things, for example to its celebrated comeback album „The Blue MASK “. He married Sylvia Morales (from which it is again divorced in the meantime). With its very successful album „New York “fired Reed a furious salvoon the political problems of its homeland, e.g. Environmental pollution and racingism. It did not make also stop to call in its songs names e.g.Jesse Jackson, Pope Johannes Paul II., Briefly forest home and Stevie Wonder. When Andy be-get, the former promoter andProducer the Velvet Underground, died, came it after 15 years break again to a co-operation with the other ingenious head the Velvet Underground, John Cale. Thereby the album came out „Songs for Drella “, a Warhol Biografie in minimalistic Pop music. Here transport Reeds singing an affectingAffection and painful confessions, without losing humor. Not to be left blank with it the assassination attempt on be-get by Valerie Solanas in the year 1968, small weaknesses Warhols (the chocolate not to cure itself liked) and possible medical malpractices.

Reed led its dark notes with „Magic and Loss “further, an album over the death and the loss of some friends in consequence of cancer. 1997 coverten over thirty artists “Perfect Day” for the BBC - donation “Children in Need”. In the year 2001 it became victim of a false alarm, those its death in consequence of a heroin overdoseannounced. Based on the work Edgar Allan Poes it published 2003 the double CD „The Raven “. A Remix of its Songs „Satellite OF Love " (mentioned “Satellite OF Love '04”) of Groovefinder was published 2004 and reached place 10 the UK-single-Charts.

1996 became Lou Reed in “Skirt and roll resound to OF Fame “taken up.


with „The Velvet Underground

  • The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967)
  • White Light/White Heat (1968)
  • The Velvet Underground (1969)
  • Loaded (1970)
  • live one RKMax's Kansas town center (1972, taken up 1970)
  • 1969 (1974, taken up 1969)
  • VU (1985, taken up 1968-1969)
  • Another View (1986, aufgenommem 1967-1969)
  • live one MCMXCIII (1993)
  • Peel Slowly and lake (1995, 5-CD box set taken up 1965-1970)
  • The Quine Tapes (2001, taken up 1969)
  • live one RK Max's Kansas town center (Deluxe edition2005, taken up 1970)

solo one


  • Lou Reed (1972)
  • Transformer (1972)
  • Berlin (1973)
  • Sally Can't thanks (1974)
  • Metal Machine music (1975)
  • Coney Iceland baby (1976)
  • skirt “n” roll Heart (1976)
  • Street Hassle (1978)
  • The Bells (1979)
  • Growing UP in public (1980)
  • The Blue MASK (1982)
  • Legendary Hearts (1983)
  • new one sensation (1984)
  • Mistrial (1986)
  • New York (1989)
  • Magic and Loss (1992)
  • setthe Twilight Reeling (1996)
  • Ecstacy (2000)
  • The Raven (2003)

live albums

  • skirt “n” roll Animal (1974)
  • Lou Reed live one (1975)
  • live one: Take NO Prisoners (1978)
  • live one in Italy (1984)
  • Live in Concert (1997)
  • Perfect Night: Live in London (1998)
  • American poet (2001)
  • Extended version (2003)
  • Animal serenade (2004)

co-operation with other artists

  • Coney Iceland baby with Cover kind of Mick skirt (1975)
  • Songs for Drella with John Cale (1990)
  • The Raven with Cover kind of Julian bill (2003)
  • Le Bataclan '72 with John Cale & Nico (2004)
  • NYC one: The Ultimate Collection with Cover kind of Marie Pittroff (2004)

guest appearances

  • Sweet relief: A Benefit For Victoria Williams (1993)
  • Bright talk, Laurie Anderson one (1994)
  • Till The Night Is of Gone: A of tributes tons of Doc Pomus (1995)
  • September Songs (The music OF briefly Weill) (1997)
  • Rockin' on Broadway (The Time/Brent/harm story) (2000, with first photographs of the Shades 1958)

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