Louis Philippe, duke of Orléans

Philippe Herzog von Orléans
Philippe duke of Orléans

Louis Philippe, duke of Orléans (* 12. May 1725, † 18. November 1785), son of the duke Ludwig von Orléans, was born in Versailles and was well-known up to the death of its father as a duke of Chartres.

Occasionally the name Ludwig Philipp of Orléans also for the later king Ludwig Philipp of France is used. From it the speech is not to be here.

With the service in the French armies he drew in the campaigns of 1742, 1743 and 1744 as well asthe battle of Fontenoy in the year 1745 out. After its retreat after Bagnolet 1757 it concerned itself with theatre performances. It died in pc. Assise.

Der Herzog heiratete Louise-Henriette de Bourbon-Conti, die ihm einen Sohn gebar, Philippe Égalité, Herzog von Orléans, und eineDaughter, who married the last duke of Bourbon. His second wife, madame de Montesson, whom he married 1773 secretly, was an intelligent woman and a quite outstanding authoress. It had two natural sons, well-known as an abbott of pc. Far and abbott of pc. Albin.


with Louise Henriette de Bourbon Account, princess von Conti:

With Etiennete Le Marquis (* 1737; † 1806):


  • L'Automne d'un prince, a collection of letters of the duke to its second wife, given change of J. Hermand (1910).

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