Louis Aragon

Louis Aragon (* 3. October 1897 as Louis Andrieux, in Paris; † 24. December 1982 in Paris) was a French historian, poet and a writer.

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Louis Aragon cameas an illegitimate child of Marguerte Toucas and an unknown, famous politician, to the world. It availed itself the name of a Catalan region as alias.

Affected by Charles of thickening, Comte de Lautréamont, Leo Tolstoi, Maxim Gorki it is one the representative of the socialist Realism.

Together with André Breton, which it 1917 at the front in I. World war became acquainted with, Phillippe Souppault among other things, Dadaist, justified it 1924 the Surrealismus.

Since 1931 member of the communist party, during II. World war , he wrote prominent member of the resistance movementfor the publishing house of the Résistance, Les edition de Minuit.

From Aragon the famous utterance “La femme est l'avenir de l'homme” comes (the woman is the future of the man/humans).

1939 he married Elsa trioiled, a sister-in-law of the Russian poet Vladimir Majakowski.


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