Louis Blériot

Augusts Louis Charles Joseph Blériot (* 1. July 1872 in Cambrai, † 2. August 1936 in Paris) was a French aviation pioneer.

After its engineer study Blériot manufactured first headlights in a small enterprise created by it, had itself however alwaysthe thought to flies used up.

It began

Louis Blériot comparable with the procedure of many other flight pioneers in the year 1900 its attempts first with constructions, so-called Ornithopter, with which the flapping of wings of the birds was copied, later with gliders, in order to build double-decker airplanes whereby itsProceeding compared to other airplane pioneers like e.g. the brothers WRIGHT was relatively unmethodical, which expressed itself also in various unsuccessful attempts.

In the year 1908 a short co-operation ended to another French airplane pioneer with Gabriel Voisin. They designed together some flight machines, however was these devices nonelarge success granted. And in such a way Blériot and Voisin separated due to different views from the aircraft construction; Voisin did not seem to see the future of the airplane with the Eindecker.

Blériot was however different opinion, developed now Eindecker, and after some further unsuccessful attempts was the elfte of its constructions,which it brought without accident into air, the Eindecker Blériot XI, for the time at that time regarding the flight performances remarkable equipment.

With this machine it crossed to 25. July 1909 as first humans in an airplane the English Channel. Its flight of Calais to Dover took 37 minutes with an average flight altitude of 100 meters. Blériot knew thus the Mail for first channel crossing expenditure-praised interest on loan of 1.000 English Pound (this sum corresponds today - 2004 - converted to about 20,000 ), DAILY of the English €newspaper, againsttake. This was finally the rescue of its financial problems, since he had put practically his whole fortune including that for his Mrs. Alicia, whom he had married in the year 1901, into his dream of flies.

This historical flight introduced in addition a true airplane boom and broughtBlériot immediately after the flight over 100 orders of the XI (altogether became approx. 800 pieces manufactured), he were thus called to the first commercial airplane manufacturer and “father of the modern Eindecker”.

Blériot dedicated itself after this flight strengthens to the series production flight schools open by airplanes, andand 1914 the French airplane company SPAD, the Société Pour of les Appareils Deperdussin acquired and designated a production enterprise in England that relatively well-known enterprises in Société Pour L´Aviation et ses Dérives over, so that the initials remained. The fighters of the company SPAD were in 1. World war well-known and successfully.

After that 1. World war based Blériot new company, which Blériot Aéronautique, which manufactured beside some relatively insignificant, since constructionally usually became outdated, bombers mainly airliners.

Up to its death in the year 1936 Blériot was closely connected with aviation. Ita large disappointment, because only few weeks remained saved after its death the nationalization of French aviation and concomitantly the end of its enterprise admits given.


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