Louis Brisson

Louis Brisson (* 23. June 1817 in Plancy; † 2. February 1908 in Plancy) was a catholic priest and created the Oblatinnen hl. Franz of Sales and Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales.


Louis Brisson (1817–1908)
Louis Brisson (1817-1908)

Louis Brisson became to 23. June 1817 in Plancy, a city in the Champagne, close Troyes, born. At school it was interested particularly in the natural sciences, thus mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. Its occupational aspiration it however priest was to be become. This desire fulfilled itself to 18. December 1840, when it received the Priesterweihe in Troyes. Later Brisson remembers this day above all that it had 27 degrees of minus.

After year its Priesterweihe already meets it as mirror-image ritual of the monastery of afflicting Mariens in Troyes on Maria Salesia Chappuis, the Oberin, which affected its life from now on crucially. “Property the nut/mother”, how she was called by her Mitschwestern, of it convinced that Louis Brisson of those priests was, that was their idea of the establishment of a medal community of men in the spirit hl. Franz of Sales into the act would convert.

Hl. Franz of Sales (1567-1622), the founder of afflicting Mariens, wanted to create likewise a man medal. Its in former times death at the age of 55 years prevented this however. Maria Salesia Chappuis risked now everything to win Louis Brisson for this plan. This however was not by any means inspired of it. He was apart from its priesterlichen activity (among other things he was a teacher at the boy seminar) rather scientifically interested humans. This interest spurred it for example to design and build an astronomical clock, the star time, Sonnenzeit, world time, which indicated absolute time and the middle time of all countries to the earth. One knows this clock this very day in the monastery of the Oblatinnen hl. Franz of Sales in Troyes admire.

Maria Salesia Chappuis succeeded finally. It however nevertheless took nearly 30 years, to Louis Brisson in the year 1872 the Kongregation of the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales based. Between them it worried itself particularly around that young men and women, who had pulled at the beginning of the industrialization of the country into the city, in order to find work there. These often found no tidy accommodation. Therefore Louis Brisson created the association of hl. Franz of Sales with the goal of kindling the eagerness of the Gläubigen again by prayer and works of the next love. From this association four branches developed: the work of the pious life, which work of the soldiers, which mission work and the work of the worker youth, for which it particularly provided itself. Thus it created also three homes, in which above all the young worker girls found a solid at home. Together with Leonie Aviat it created 1868 the Oblatinnen hl. Franz of Sales, which worried about the education of these young girls.

To the establishment of the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales came it, when its bishop asked him to save the only catholic Privatschule of the Diözese. It and its coworkers in this school formed the first community of the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales, which was recognized 1875 officially by the catholic church.

In the last thirty years up to its death the community over Europe, until Africa, North America and Latin America spread 1908 . Also to it contributed the church-hostile policy in France end 19. Century, by which a great many priests and medal people had to close their monasteries and the country were referred. Thus it also the Oblaten happened hl. Franz of Sales. Louis Brisson did not feel due to its high age no more in the situation to leave the country. He withdrew himself into his birth house after Plancy, where he to 2. February 1908 at the age of 91 years died.


“place the barriers of your love more and more to restrict, should extend you it ever more; thus will harvest their God benediction, because God segnet now once the loving hearts. “ (Louis Brisson)

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