Louise Joy Brown

Louise Joy Brown (* 25. July 1978, 23:47 clock local time in Oldham) is first into vitro witnessed humans - it was thus the first retort baby.

Louise Joy Brown became in the Royal Oldham hospital in the English place Oldham ( Manchester) by Kaiserschnitt brought to the world. It had a birth weight of 2600 G.

Before with the nut/mother Lesley Brown had been accomplished by the British Gynäkologen Patrick Steptoe and the physiologist Robert an Edward's artificial fertilization.

The Londoner newspaper “DAILY Mail “reportedexclusively over the baby, because nut/mother Lesley Brown had the exclusive rights for allegedly 10 million Schilling (at that time approx. 1,3 million DM) to the newspaper sells.

Brown is considered as public shy. It “feels not as something special”, is “simply completely normal”, does not give not gladly interviewsand also nothing exciting has to tell. Their 25. Birthday spent it 2003 nevertheless in Bristol in the presence of 1.000 further humans, who had witnessed by artificial fertilization.


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