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of these articles treats the today's US Federal State Louis IANA. For the historical colony of the same name see Louis IANA (colony), Danish museum for modern art Louis IANA
État de Louisiane/State OF Louis IANA
flag seal Louisianas
Karte der USA, Louisiana hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: Pelican - state
(Pelican State); Bayou State
capital: Baton Rouge
largest city: New Orleans
rank (within the USA): 31
altogether: 134,382 km ²
country: 112,927 km ²
water (%): 21,455 km ² (16%)
rank (within the USA): 24
altogether (2000): 4.496.334
density: 40/km ²
member state
place: 18
since: 30. April 1812
time belt: Cent ral: UTC-6/-5
degree of latitude: 29°N to 33°N
degree of longitude: 89°W to 94°W
broad: 210 km
length: 610 km
highest situation: 163 m
average situation: 30 m
deepest situation: -2,5 m
governor: Kathleen Blanco
postal: LA
ISO 3166-2: US-LA

Louis IANA (abbreviation: LA), also “Pelican State “mentioned, is a Federal State in the United States ofAmerica. Louis IANA is in the south of the USA, because of the delta Mississippi into the gulf of Mexico and has a size of 112.836 km 2.

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Karte Louisianas
map Louisianas

the name became honours of king Ludwig XIV. of France selected. Louis IANA was early discovered; already the Spaniard Hernando deSoto investigated - 1542 the Mississippi area, the Frenchman de la Salle for 1539 continued these research 1681 , whereupon France stressed the area for itself and settled 1699 for the first time durably. [see Louis IANA (colony)]

18. Jh.

ThoseOwnership structure changed in the course of the years several times: Due to the agreements in Paris peace, the western part of 1762 came at Spain, eastern one year later at Great Britain, which had to deliver it 1783 to the USA. 1800 acquiredNapoleon I. the Spanish portion back.

19. Jh.

To 30. April 1803 bought US president Thomas Jefferson Louis IANA von
Napoleon I. for 15 millions $ (Louis IANA Purchase). The USA doubled thereby their national territory at one blow,because the “Louis IANA at that time” covered still large areas the middle west of the USA. Louis IANA became to 10. March 1804 handed over in a formal ceremony to the USA, became however only to 30. April 1812 to 18. Federal State of the USA.

Duringthe American civil war (1861-1865) the country belonged to the Southern State union of the Konföderierten states of America . Capital of Louis IANA is Baton Rouge, largest and most well-known city is new Orleans.

21. Jh.

In August 2005 that becameSoutheast of the state of the hurricane Katrina afflicted. The city new Orleans and surrounding regions suffered thereby heaviest damage.


the life in Louis IANA is coined/shaped by numerous cultures, habits and habits, for examplealso the Voodoo - cult. This very day the French influence is noticeable. A further characteristic is that in Louis IANA as only US Federal State the Roman civil right than basis of the juridical system is used, not the anglo-saxon common right.


Louis IANA does not have an official office language. Due to the strong operational readiness level of the French up to the American civil war official documents were published both on English and on French. The condition of 1845 and a law of 1847 secured the bilingualness.The Islenos, which in 18, forms a further linguistic minority. Century from the Kanari islands to Louis IANA emigrated.

Louis IANA has 4.496.334 inhabitants (conditions: July 2003). Of it are 62.5% white (under it 16% of French origin and 7% ethnic German),32.5% Afro American, 2.4% Hispanics, 1.2% Asian (main Vietnamesen), 0.6% American natives.

The Pro-Kopf-Einkommen amounted to 2002: 22,910 US Dollar.


beside the agriculture (cotton, rice and Zuckerrohr) and that salt - and Sulfur promotion is Louis IANA since end 20. Century the second largest oil and natural gas producer of the USA. The tourism and the navigation in new Orleans are likewise from great economic importance.

largest cities

city County inhabitant
1. April. 2000
1. July 2004
new Orleans Orleans 484,674 462,269
Baton Rouge Baton Rouge 227,818 224,097
Shreveport Caddo 200,145 198,675
Lafayette Lafayette 110,257 111,966
Lake Charles Lake Charles of 71,757 70,819
connoisseurs Jefferson 70,517 70,252
Bossier town center Bossier town center 56,461 59,611
Monroe Monroe 53,107 52,141
Alexandria Alexandria 46,342 45,971
new Iberia new Iberia 32,623 32,499
Houma Houma 32,393 32,022
Slidell Slidell 25,695 26,845
Opelousas Opelousas 22,860 22,865
Ruston Lincoln 20,546 20,665
Sulphur Sulphur 20,512 19,747

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