Louis IANA Hayride

Louis IANA Hayride is one the most well-known Country music - radio endings of the USA. It will transfer auditory since 1948 from the Municipal into Shreveport , Louis IANA and in the fifties only exceeded of the Grand of oils Opry in popularity

in the 3. April 1948 went to Louis IANA Hayride for the first time on transmission. Was initiated the Saturday evening show of Henry Clay and Dean Upson, which belonged to the management of the transmitter KWKH Shreveport. Starting from 1948 one transferred weekly. The receipt was limited first to Louis IANA and the adjacent Federal States. Starting from 1954 became also over the AFN - net 30-minütige of cutouts to overseas transfer. By means of the CBS net North America was reached completely.

To first star belonged Hank Williams and Kitty the Wells. Starting from 1954 was Elvis Presley for eighteen months ensemble member (after it had failed in the Opry). With its last appearance to 15. December 1956 came it to a mass hysteria among the usually female fans, who the Announcer Horace Lee Logan with the report Elvis left has the building to calm down tried. The Louis IANA Hayride always stood in the shade of the Grand of oils Opry. “The Cradle OF the of star” (the cradle the star) in addition, served above all rising talents as jump board, offered established musicians Gelegenheit to appearances, which did not want to undergo to the strict regime of the Opry.

After the way course Presleys experienced the show a gradual fall. Temporarily excluding tape recordings of old transmissions were played. The KWKH transmitter withdrew itself, and David Kent took over 1975 the rights of the use of a name. In another building the show with reduced star quantity was resumed. Starting from 1984 it was transferred additionally in the television. Three years later one withdrew into the Municipal auditory. To the old times of 1948 to 1960 however no more could not be tied.

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