Lovis Corinth

selfhaven-guesses/advises with skeleton, 1896.
The artist and its family (family-haven-guessed/advised), 1909.
Junge Frau mit Katzen
Young woman with cats

Lovis Corinth (* 21. July 1858 in Tapiau, East Prussia; † 17. July 1925, Zandvoort, the Netherlands) was German Painter, who found to a synthesis of Impressionismus and expressionism.
It was married with the painter Charlotte Berend Corinth.

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until 1876 visitedit the High School in king mountain;1876 it referred the there academy. it went to 1880 to the continuation of the study to the academy into Munich and 1884 to Paris. it carried in the meantime the military service for 1882 out off.

The further stations were then Berlin (1887) and again king mountain (1887); then it established itself in Munich (1891). It developed a special kind of play of the Impressionismus.

it changed 1901 again to Berlin, where it justified a private mark school. 1911it suffered a first impact accumulation.1911 he became a chairman of the citizens of Berlin secession; 1915 he became their president.

it established itself to 1919 a country house in Urfeld at the Walchensee.

1925 it undertook a last journey to Amsterdam, where it to17. July deceased; its grave is on the forest cemetery Stahnsdorf with Berlin.


the life's work of Lovis Corinth covers over 1000 paintings as well as several books and essays over the painting. Corinth is considered today as a “classical author to thatModern ones ", its works hang in the most important galleries of the German-speaking countries.

  • Lying ones female act (arts center Bremen), 1899 and
  • lying female act (Austrian gallery Belvedere), 1907
  • Portrait Ernst Opplers (Kassel, new gallery), 1920. 2003 of the galleryfrom Göttinger private property for EUR 100,000 (payable by three annual instalments) acquired.
  • Landscape with cow (Walchensee) (Kassel, new gallery), 1921.
  • The black mask (Kassel, new gallery). Portrait of the woman of the artist.
  • The man with the Schlapphut (Kassel, new gallery). Copy after Franz neck, production of Corinth in the Kasseler gallery.

landscape painting

Walchensee panorama, view of the pulpit, 1924

after the First World War acquired the artist a house in Urfeld. From 1919 to its end of life that spent 1925Impressionist (see Impressionismus) together with its wife the summer months at the Walchensee. Its success as landscape painters was based already during its lifetimes particularly on its pictures with the well-known Walchensee motive. In altogether over 60 pictures it used this motive.His Mrs. Charlotte Berend Corinth - likewise an artist - Lovis Corinth forbade painting however the landscape at the Walchensee.


the written deduction lies in archives for screen end art in the Germanic national museum.


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