Lage Lubumbashi im Südosten
situation of Lubumbashi in the southeast

Lubumbashi (to 1966 Elisabethville) is the capital of the raw material-rich region Katanga and with 1.374.808 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005) after Kinshasa the second largest city of the democratic Republic of the Congo.


the city Elisabethville (flämisch Elisabethstad) became 1910from the Belgian colonial gentlemen based, in the secession time after independence it was the capital of the short-lived State of Katanga. 1966 got the city in the context of the “Afrikanisierung” the name “Lubumbashi” set by the dictator Mobutu in the work. The city developed for the region of the copper production. Also different minerals are diminished, so z. B. Cobalt and zinc.


in Lubumbashi gives it an airport and a university.

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coordinates: 11° 40 ' 11 " S, 27°28 ' 60 " O


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