Lucia Recchia

Lucia Recchia (* 8. January 1980 in Rovereto) is an Italian Skirennläuferin. It starts in the departure and in the super G.

Recchia participated in December 1998 for the first time in Weltcup running. First placements under the best ten of running it created in December 1999 (ninth in pc. Moritz) and in January 2000 (fourth in Cortina d'Ampezzo). To listen attentively their achievements left with the junior world championship 2000 in the Canadian Mont Sainte Anne. In the departure it became behind Swiss Fränzi Aufdenblatten vice-world champion, in the super G WM-fifth.

Four years with throughout lean achievements followed. Only with the ski world championship 2001 in pc. Anton succeeded to it with respected rank a placement under the best ten.

Only in February 2004 you succeeded for the first time after four years also in the Worldcup again the jump under the Top Ten. In Åre them became fourth in the super G. In December 2004 it scratched G in Altenmarkt Zauchensee with the super scarcely at its first Weltcup victory past. With 28 hundredths of a second behind the Austrian Alexandra Meissnitzer became it second.

The largest success of their career succeeded to it in January 2005, when it won the silver medal in the super G with the ski world championship in the Italian Santa Caterina surprisingly behind the Swede Anja Pärson.


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