Lucien Lévy Bruhl

Lucien Lévy Bruhl (* 10. April 1857 in Paris, † 13. March 1939 ebenda) was a French philosopher and Ethnologe.

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Lévy Bruhl is taken up 1876 to the École normal Supérieure and attained there 1879 aggrégation de philosophy. Between 1872 and 1882 he works as Gymnasiallehrer in Poitiers, between 1882 and 1883 in Amiens as well as between 1883 and 1885 as a teacher for higher Rhetorik to lycée edge of Louis putting in Paris. it attains a doctorate to 1884 to the École normal Supérieure with the thesis L'idée de responsabilité. Starting from 1886 he teaches as maître de conférence to the École normal Supérieure as well as to the École libre of the Sciences politiques. 1904 he becomes a professor for the history of modern philosophy to the Sorbonne.


  • philosophy August Comte's. Translated of Heinrich Molenaar. Leipzig 1902.
  • Thinking the nature peoples. In German translation given change and introduced of William Jerusalem. Vienna and others 1921.
  • The mental world of the primitive ones. Only authorized translation. The transmission from the French took place from Margarethe Hamburg one after the original under Weglassung that capital 10 and 11 of the French expenditure, which was void with permission of the author. Munich 1927.


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