Ludolf Vienna-saved

Christian Ludolf Vienna-saved (* 25. December 1802 in Altona/Elbe; † 8. January 1872 in Schleswig) was a writer of the Vormärz.

Took up 1822 Vienna-saved a theology study at the University of Kiel , which he had to break off however 1826 from financial emergency. But it accepted a place as a house teacher in Holland. it attained a doctorate to 1829 in Marburg. it turned and accepted 1833 back to the University of Kiel a lecturer place.
1834 it published a collection with 22 of its lectures under the title „aesthetic campaigns “. With the dedication „young Germany, I dedicate these speeches to you, “ coined/shaped he considerably the term young Germany. In the same year he became acquainted with Karl Gutzkow . With this it planned the publication of the magazine „German revue “, which was however already forbidden and seized before appearance.
1835 Wienbargs writings in Prussia were forbidden by a resolution of the parliament. It fled after Helgoland, however 1836 returned to Hamburg, where he its activities as journalist and publishers of different magazines again up.
1869 Ludolf Vienna-saved instructed with pursuit illusion into a mental hospital in Schleswig, where it died 1872.


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