Ludolf of Krehl

Ludolf of Krehl (* 26. December 1861 in Leipzig; † 26. May 1937 in Heidelberg), ennobled since 1904, was a German physician.

As internalist Krehl at the universities in Jena , Marburg , grab forest , Goettingen , Strasbourg and Heidelberg researched. The emphasis of its work was on physiological and pathological aspects of the Blutkreislaufs and the heat regularization.

It justifies a concept of the holistic medicine. As internalist and a neurologist he was interested also in psychological and spirit-scientific aspects that pathology. It proceeded with the psycho physical „unit of the personality “, from the uniqueness of an individual illness: „There are not diseases as such, we knows only ill humans. “

Name givers for the medical university clinic in Heidelberg.


  • Ludolf of Krehl: Sketch of the general clinical pathology. Leipzig, 1893
  • Ludolf of Krehl: Over the naturopathy (1935)

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