Ludwig Holger of stake

Ludwig Holger of stake (* 13. December 1942 in gap forest) was member of the CSU, from 1985 to 1987 president of the federal office for protection of the constitution and from 1987 - 1992 undersecretary of state in the German Federal Ministry of the defense.

In April 1999 the public prosecutor's office in Augsburg obtained a warrant of arrest approximately stake. Corruptibility and tax evasion are accused to him in connection with weapon supplies to Saudi Arabia. Stake submerged and became 5 years later, to 13. July 2004, in Paris arrests and to 20. January 2005 at Germany delivered. At the 3. August 2005 was relieved stake by the statement of the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl, by confirming the own responsibility for a tank business with Saudi Arabia. Stake escaped thereby the reproach of corruptibility and became to 12. August 2005 because of advantage acceptance and tax evasion to a detention of 2 years and 3 months condemns. The judgement is not valid yet.

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the son of a captain is attained a doctorate lawyer and was active as a judge at the Bavarian highest national court and than public prosecutor for restaurant economics.

political career

1974 changed Ludwig Holger of stake into the again created Bavarian Department of the Environment. it occurred 1976 as a federal state parliament adviser the Bavarian state chancellery , where Franz Josef bunch became attentive on it and got it 1978 as a personal adviser into its closer coworker circle. Starting from 1981 was stake director/conductor of the office of the Bavarian Prime Minister. In the year 1982 he transferred the line of the principle department in the state chancellery.

1985 become stake a president of the federal office for protection of the constitution. 1987 got it the Secretary of Defense at that time Manfred Wörner (CDU) on suggestion of bunch as a beamteten undersecretary of state into the Ministry. It was there responsible for arms control, procurement and export of weapons. In the context of this activity since 1999 corruptibility and tax evasion are accused to him. 2000 exclude the CSU of stake, because of backward party contributions, from the party.


Ludwig Holger of stake is in several cases bribes at a value of several million DM to have taken, in order to carry political decisions in the sense from lobbyists to. Concrete staatsanwaltliche determinations exist however only in case of a supply of ABC tanks at Saudi Arabia (Karl Heinz writer). In the complex Leuna affair (Dieter woods) is not determined - at least in Germany - at present. Against woods becomes however since 8. September 2005 determines.

tank supply at Saudi Arabia

from the search call Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations of 1999:

Dr. Stake is as an undersecretary of state in the German Federal Ministry of the defense from a Mitbeschuldigten 3.8 million D-mark (about 1.9 million euro) to have received, in order to make a contract possible between a German and an Arab company for the supply from 36 tanks to.
Because of the short times for delivery wished by Saudi Arabia one was not possible time near production of the tanks. Dr. Stake it is therefore, against the resistance of the army, to have implemented that for the fulfilment of the contract tanks from the existence of the German Federal Armed Forces were supplied to Saudi Arabia, although thereby the defense ability and the training ability of the army were impaired.
The amount of millions mentioned is Dr. Stake transferred to an account in Switzerland, treuhändisch administered by the Mitbeschuldigten, got. Dr. Stake is the received money in its income tax return discreetly and thus income tax at a value of more than 1.9 million Marks (approximately 960,000 euro) evaded have.
Against Dr. Stake exists warrant of arrest of the district court Augsburg because of suspicion of corruptibility and the tax evasion…

With the Mitbeschuldigten it concerns around the lobbyists and weapon dealer Karl Heinz writer, with the 36 tanks around the ABC feeling tank fox, at the German company the Thyssen AG.

Altogether - with a quantity of orders of 446 million Marks - 220 million Marks are to have flowed as bribes, to the Arab clients, to the weapon dealers Karl Heinz writer and Rolf Wegener and at managers of the Thyssen company.

Leuna Minol

in the years 2003 and 2004 was legally regenerated during a spectacular court process into of Paris the business practices of the oil company eleven Aquitaine, among them also the modernization and extension the old min oil refinery in the East German Leuna and thereby connected sales of the Minol - gas station chain by the trust establishment at “eleven” in the years 1991 (advertisement) and 1992 (addition and signing of the agreement). The hearing of evidence 2003 resulted in that with it starting from February 1993 at least 161 millions Franc (approx. 25 millions Euro were distributed) by the lobbyists Dieter woods over its society delta international to different, to a large extent unknown receivers. Woods one condemned in this connection in France to detention & fine. The former eleven-manager Alfred Sirven stated that two German Ministers or undersecretaries of state at that time would have gotten „large sums “.

At least two payments (3.6 millions DM + 1.5 millions DM) from woods took place to 18. and 19. March 1993 on two accounts in Luxembourg, which are assigned by the French law Holger of stake. French press searches resulted in still higher sums. Is unclear whether stake the final receiver was, or the money was passed on on third. See also Leuna affair.

separating from the office 1992

at the beginning of of 1992 separated Ludwig Holger of stake, allegedly voluntarily, from its office. One speculated in this connection upon an entangling into secret weapon supplies from the existence of the national People's Army of the GDR at Israel (the new development “Kalaschnikow, AK-74 “from the ex GDR ammunition camp Kavelsdorf). Stake occurred thereafter a law firm Munich. He became plenipotentiary of Daimler Benz AG (today DaimlerChrysler), first for Belgium and starting from 1995 for the Eastern Asia - agency in Singapore. Its assistant at that time was Nicolas of woods, the son of Dieter woods.

German press searches and publications made of July and August 2004 put near that stake already during its time as a beamteter undersecretary of state for the interests of Daimler Benz AG and its subsidiary companies like the Daimler Benz Aerospace AG ( in the meantime EADS ) it used itself actively, thus with the procurement Eurofighter (Daimler Benz was also supplier of engines and chassis for the ABC feeling tank fox).

escape starting from 1999

to 22. April 1999 issued the district court Augsburg warrant of arrest approximately stake. The chief public prosecutor's office in Munich under Hermann Froschauer examined this decision. The Munich prosecutor general set the valid warrant of arrest except execution, a special procedure. In the meantime, at the beginning of of May 1999, set off stake after Taiwan , which does not have an extradition treaty with Germany. The public prosecutor at that time Winfried Maier did not exclude later that stake of the planned arrest one had informed prematurely. To 6. July 1999 lost itself its trace in Taipeh. Ludwig Holger of stake seemed to have flown to Hong Kong.

2004 took up and following process

to 13. July 2004 it was arrested in the French capital Paris. The photographs taken by a French television journalist team were with the police seized there according to press releases and were so far not released again for publication.

To 20. January 2005 was handed over stake into Forbach to the German authorities. It sat in the penal institution in dock home (district Danube Ries) in. To 21. January 2005 was brought stake into the penal jurisdiction center Augsburg and opened to it by the chairman Richter Maximilian yard master the warrant of arrest.

To 28. June 2005, to the trial prelude before the regional court Augsburg, has the ex-CSU-POINT-politician the acceptance of bribe at a value of two million Marks (about 1.02 million Euro) of weapon dealer Karl Heinz writer “for a tank business” confessed. Over its defender it quit a further partial confession over the acceptance of further 1.8 millions DM (about 920,000 euro) bribe on. Stake stated before the regional court, with the 1990 of writer on a Swiss numbered account on trust deposited two million Marks it payment for lobbying with the sales of fox - tanks to the USA concerned. He expressed regret the money to have assumed: “It is not only embarrassing me, it is also unexplainable me, like it to this “misfire” came.” It stressed however, it with the payments not around bribery went, since the business would have come also without its effort.

Also the 1.8 million Marks with the sales of ABC - fox tanks at Saudi Arabia 1991 it wants, after which words of its defender of peoples Hoffmann, not as bribe, took but for lobbying. This view was supported during the process also by prominent witnesses, like for example by the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

The public prosecutor's office only accused stake the altogether 3.8 million Marks (scarcely two million euro ) bribe only for the business with Saudi Arabia to have taken the money. The business with the USA did not play against it in the accusation a role, also because it was not finally clarified whether a part of the reproaches is barred by statute of limitations.

Stake stood during the process to his statement: „I was not the only one, which the weapon dealer paid “. Thus for the investigators over Swiss camouflage accounts completed, far branched out bribe system of writer were confirmed for the first time - an important detail for the pending revision in the bunch - to process, which had denied from writer for each money to have gotten.

To circumstances, Mithelfern and would not background its escape of many years expressed themselves stake.

To 12. August 2005 was condemned stake by the regional court Augsburg because of advantage acceptance and tax evasion to a detention of two years and three months, which corresponded to the request of the public prosecutor's office. As the chairman Richter said yard masters, between court, public prosecutor's office and defense this punishment had been promised to the former undersecretary of state in preliminary talks (so-called “deal “), if he puts a confession down. The punishment was suspended, since it exceeds two years, not on the probation.

Under charge of his custody pending extradition in France, became stake at the 1. September 2005, after 13.5 months detention, half of its punishment, with editions released.

further uncovering

as to 10. October 2005 into the pool of broadcasting corporations - messages and the abendlichen news magazinereport “announced, stake with its long-lasting escape supported by the secret services D.S.T. and Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure in France, it and others through person controls of various airports to have channeled unnoticed in each case are, in order both the resting eleven Aquitaine - and the Leuna affair not temporally mismatching to stir up.

further incident

to 8. December 2005 was arrested stake inadvertently on Frankfurt airport. The officials assumed erroneously he further on the escape am. Pfahls' entry into the search list was finally deleted immediately after the incident. The release took place by the way after Fürsprache from Maximilian yard master, the same judge, the stake in August 2005 had condemned.

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