Ludwig Maximilians university Munich

the Ludwig Maximilians University of (LMU) is in Munich. She is after their founder duke Ludwig handing as well as the cure prince max IV. Joseph designated.

Ludwig Maximilians university Munich
Logo der LMU München
Siegel der LMU München
rector: Professor. Bernd Huber
year of the foundation: 1472
place: Munich (Bavaria)
courses of studies: 124
faculties: 18
professors: approx. 810 (SS 2005)
registered students: 44.144 (SS 2005)
woman ratio: 61.8%
coworker: approx. 11,700
address of the Rektorats: Brothers and sisters Scholl place 1
80333 Munich
LMU am Geschwister-Scholl-Platz
LMU at the brothers and sisters Scholl place

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the university had in the summer semester 2005 44,144 studying, about 810 professor inside and professors as well as 12,000 woman employees and coworkers at 18 faculties.

With approx.The University of Munich offers a particularly broad fan spectrum to 130 courses of studies, under which some otherwise in the German-speaking countries are not offered fan. Above all technical fan thereby however Munich (TUM) to the technical university will leave.

The University of Munich is not Campus - university, but over severalLocations distributes. Beside that main building at the brothers and sisters Scholl place (with directly bordering auxiliary buildings) gives it among other things to the High carouse campuses in such a way specified to Grosshadern as well as the clinical center city center and many further institute building distributed over the city, z. B. some hundred meters north the Schweinchenbau in such a way specified (Pädagogik andPsychology, because of the pink painting of building so mentioned), some hundred meters southwest beside the Pinakotheken building of mathematics (in that partially also physics, computer science and geology lectures to be held) or in the building of the former transmitter radio Free Europe accommodated the institutes at the English garden (brothers and sisters Scholl institute forPolitical science, computer science, communication sciences, Eastern Asia customers).


the Ludwig Maximilians university is led by a Rektoratskollegium. At present Professor stands for this. Bernd Huber as a rector forwards. The rector represents the university outward and is member in the university advice. As a chairman of the management commitee (Rektorat),the senate and the extended senate leads he the most important committees of the university. It gives the universitypolitical goals and exercises the control duty opposite the instruction.

Professor are located to the rector in the management commitee as pro rectors. Pure hard finery (responsible for the ranges foreign relationses and university planning; Technical one Support of the range medicine), Professor. Friederike Klippel (responsible for teacher formation and the conversion of the Bologna process to the LMU; Technical support spirit and culture knowledge sheep), Dr. Werner Schubö (responsible for the affairs of the studying and the data processing) as well as Professor. Yokes field man (responsible for affairs of research, promotion of thescientific new generation as well as contacts between economics and science; Technical support of the natural sciences).
Chancellor and thus administrative boss of the university are Thomas's May.

The senate is the central organ in the autonomy of the university. In it all current affairs are treated, so the decisions over appointments, thatResolution of study and test orders as well as statutes. The senate is responsible also for the household of the university. The members of the Rektorats, which chancellor, twelve representatives of the professors, four representatives of the scientific coworkers, two representatives of the other coworkers, four students and the woman-assigned, belong to the senatethe university on.

The extended senate decides the constitutional structure of the university as a highest committee of the university and selects the rector, the pro rectors and the chancellor. The Dekane that belong to the extended senate altogether 18 faculties beside the senate members.


the universityMunich is divided into 18 faculties:

the official numbering of the faculties is historically conditioned: The faculty 06 forest sciences belonged now to DO Munich; the faculty 13/14 resulted from pool of two faculties.


see: Institutes of the Ludwig Maximilians university Munich


main staircase of the LMU Munich

the university 1472 in Ingolstadt with papal permission of duke Ludwig handing Bavaria land hat were created as the first Bavarian university with the name University of Ingolstadt. (Peppering castle, where from 1402 to 1412 a university had already existed, at that time the University of Ingolstadt did not belong coined/shaped

by the Jesuitenorden and was one of the centers of the Gegenreformation to Bavaria.) in the first centuries became. Among other things taught Johannes hit a corner, the holy Petrus Canisiusas rector, as well as Konrad Celtis and Johannes Reuchlin in the middle 16. Century at the university.

Cure prince max IV. Joseph (the later king Maximilian I.) of Bavaria shifted 1800 the university after land hat. Later, king Ludwig I. got 26 years to 1826.the university inthe capital Munich. The university was first in the today's national office for statistics accommodated, before 1840 main building used of Friedrich of gardner the planned were still placed and as such finished.

Under the kings Ludwig I. and Maximilian II.the university rose to onethe most important centers of the spirit and natural sciences in Germany up and also - based on the number of the studying - to Berlin on the second place in Germany had advanced.

1894 - 1896 studied Edith Hamilton and its sister Alice Hamilton in Germany at thatUniversity of Leipzig and then at the University of Munich. They were there in each case the first female students. Also the first Habilitation of a woman in Germany was accepted at the University of Munich: 1918 habilitierte ennoble Hartmann and became one year later than Privatdozentin into the medical facultythe University of Munich taken up.

During the Second World War Munich the group of resistances white rose developed around brothers and sisters Sophie and Hans Scholl at the university, which was finally arrested in the halation of the university main building when distributing handbills of the Gestapo. Under the stairs between halationand AUDI max is since 1997 the thinking place white rose.

After the Second World War in to a large extent undestroyed large aula of the university among other things the Bavarian condition was prepared and decided.

1972 were integrated the educational university Pasing into the educate-scientific faculty of the university.This referred 1985 their current seat to the Leopoldstrasse, the pink painted, “Schweinchenbau so mentioned”.

1974 took up the clinical center Grosshadern its enterprise. Since 1994 this location always far to the Hightech campus Grosshadern/Martinsried of the university is developed. Here is the gene center since 1994 (genes centers)and since 1999 the entire faculty for chemistry and pharmacy settled. To the universitären hospitals also since 1991 in the clinical center the hospitals summarized belong to city center on the left of the Isar (developed around 1900), since that the 1. With the clinical center Grosshadern are organizational connected to March 1999.

End 2004 were inaugurated in Martinsried ( municipality Planegg) the bio center, in which several biological institutes of the university are summarized. Together with that residents institutes for Max-Planck for biochemistry and neuro biology , as well as the founder center the location Martinsried thereby became one the most important “would run Science” already there - locationsin Germany.


at the Ludwig Maximilians university becomes after publication of the Bavarian federal state government of 2. June 2005 in the years 2005 and 2006 of altogether 13 academic subjects completed and closed. In addition belong the social and restaurant history, logic and science theory, philology of the Christian Orients,Semitistik, Hethitologie, speech science, theoretical linguistics, Balkans philology, latin philology of the Middle Ages, meteorology, geology, economic geography and geography.

In the context of the High carouse offensive of the Bavarian state government and the recommendations of the Mittelstrass commission it is long-term a goal, all natural sciences - including the medical fan - on the HighTechCampus in such a way specified LMUto unite in Grosshadern/Martinsried, where so far already the mechanisms of the clinical center, the gene center of the LMU, the faculty for chemistry and pharmacy and the LMU Biozentrums are.

Next steps are in accordance with the concept „LMU 2020 “the misalignment of physics and geosciences, as well as the mechanism one „center forAdvanced Studies “for interdisciplinary research in medicine and natural sciences its. In addition the underground, which ends to clinical center Grosshadern now still at the station „”, is extended presumably up to the year 2010 until Martinsried.

famous personalities

see list of the members of the LMU Munich


in the context of the Universities of promotion is the LMU at seven elite courses of studies (of it two times as speaker university) and five international Doktorandenkollegs (of it three times as speaker university) elite network of Bavaria takes part. In the context of the Excellency initiative of the Federal Government the LMU was requested requests fortwo graduating schools to submit four Excellency cluster and a future concept. It is thereby potentially the most strongly promoted university in this program.

The studying agency of the University of Munich traditionally rather left-oriented demands renaming the university in „brothers and sisters Scholl - University of “(GSU). Therefore the university is with other branchesalso under this name admits. This demand finds no majority in the decision-making bodies however and is just as unconsidered under the studying shank the University of Munich as the historical founder name.

In many national and international Rankings the LMU Munich achieved front places. Thus it became approximately inworld-wide Ranking of the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai in the year 2005 best German university and reserved European-wide seat 10. In the comparison to the previous year the LMU Munich overhauled DOES Munich and referred it in the German domestic comparison on rank 2. In the Ranking of the newspaper The Timefrom the year 2004 it reserved Germany far seat 4.

The Bavarian federal state government considers and plans concretely since 2004, how a smashing however of the expensive double structure of two residents of Munich universities grown historically could more financialfavorably be managed locally by a pool.

Similarly the famous model between Oxford and also the two residents of Munich Universities of an annual Ruderregatta deliver Cambridge against each other, the residents of Munich university Ruderregatta.

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