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Ludwig Anzengruber (* 29. November 1839 in Vienna; † 10. December 1889 ebenda) was a Austrian dramatist and storyteller.

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the sex Anzengruber Ried in the Innkreis in upper Austria originates from the political district. Ludwig's grandfather, Jakob Anzengruber, farmer at the Obermayrhofgut was too little with yard churchesto the Trattnach. Its father, Johann Anzengruber, left the yard at the boy age and pulled to Vienna, where he found a small place as Ingrossist in the downward gradient and domain yard bookkeeping. 1838 it ground itself with Maria Herbich, the daughter onesmallcivil Apothekenprovisors. It is not amazing that the social affiliation (father - farmer conditions, nut/mother - small middle class) of its parents an important role in Ludwig Anzengrubers later works plays again and again.

Ludwig's urge to the stage is paternal inheritance, because thissecret poet was in manners Friedrich Schillers. Success remained however refused for it. Only one piece of Berthold black was specified (probably because of the spectacular explosion at the end of the piece), all other pieces of dusty in the Schreibtischschublade.

survival period

as Johann Anzengruber in the year 1844 died, Ludwig was only 5 years old. Its nut/mother, that becomes in the course of the years ever more the determining person in its life, tried with her meager widow pension of 166 guldensto come and 40 cruisers over the rounds. As 1854 Ludwig's grandmother - it was a relevant support for daughter and grandchild -, became ever more threatening the living and life situation died. The financial emergency caused the consumption of all reserves, butLudwig's nut/mother thus it is ready the elementary school of the Paulaner for all victims (among other things it opens a Pfaidlerei), (1847 - 1850) and the Unterrealschule of the Piaristen (1851 - 1853) to visit can. Last (1855)visited it the 1. Class of the upper six-form high school, gave the study up due to that worse and worse becoming certifications however and accepted a trainee place (1856 - 1858) in the bookshop Sallmeyer. Particularly in this time it satisfied itsenormous read need, which was set however by differences with its Prinzipal a sudden end.

After a heavy typhoid fever illness Ludwig Anzengruber decided to become with 19 years actors. In the next ten years Anzengruber tried as an occupation actor, pulled with different, Commitments had moving troops by the provinces of the monarchy with some lubricant stages as Statist and helping out actor, but never a brilliant success. Hinderlich thereby was its dialect, which he could do never completely placings. Starting from 1866 it lived again in Vienna. During theseSeveral dramas and some smaller narrations, which brought it however no success, developed for time.


he found the way to creative period back in the civil life, by he a writer post (supposed from money scarcity) in the k. and. k. Police headquartersVienna assumed. Under the alias “L. Gruber " succeeded to it 1870 the break-through with the piece of the ministers of Kirchfeld, which was uraufgeführt at the theatre at that Vienna. The premiere to 5. November was a large success. Heinrich summerhouse,the director/conductor of the castle theatre, wrote a enthusiastische criticism. That circumstance bring it also a friendship with Peter Rosegger. Over night successful the author become gives 4 as “Polizeyoffizial. Classe " the official career. This step saved it the conflict betweenTendency poet and a obligation-faithful official.

1873 married Anzengruber, despite warning of its nut/mother, those only 16jährige Adelinde Lipka (1857-1914). Its young wife, who was sister of its youth friend Franz Lipka, the requirements of the practical life however not grown, and so it came repeatedto marriage crises. In addition, debt at this difficult situation were considerable debts and the intimate relationship to its nut/mother. Despite three common children a divorce is inevitable. It was carried out 1889.

The following years were very successful for Anzengruber. InEurope its pieces were specified completely. Its nut/mother can see this success only at the edge, because it died 1875. From April 1882 until May 1885 Anzengruber led the editorship of the Viennese of family sheet the homeland, starting from May 1884 was he editor of the Figaro and starting from August 1888 took over he the editorship of the Viennese messenger.

In September 1888 it received a firm employment as Dramaturg for the German folk theatre at that to Vienna, to 14. September 1889 with Anzengrubers The mark on honour one opened.

At the end of November got sick to that only 50-jährige dramatist at Anthrax (spleen fire), and hardly fourteen days later died it at the consequences of a blood poisoning.

honors and honours

of works (in selection)


  • of the ministers of Kirchfeld (piece of people with singing in 4 documents) - UA: Theatre at that Vienna - 5. November 1870
  • Der Meineidbauer(Volksstück mit Gesang in 3 Akten)- UA: Theatre at that Vienna - 9. December 1871
  • the Kreuzelschreiber (farmer comedy with singing in 3 documents) - UA: Theatre at that Vienna - 12. October 1872
  • Elfriede (play in 3 documents) - UA: Carl theatre - 24. April 1873
  • The daughter of the usurer (play with singing in 5 documents) - UA: Theatre at that Vienna - 17. October 1873
  • the G'wissenswurm (farmer comedy with singing in 3 documents) - UA: Theatre at that Vienna - 19. September 1874
  • hand andHeart (tragedy in 4 documents) - UA: Viennese city theatre - 31. December 1874
  • double suicide (Bauernposse in 3 documents) - UA: Theatre at that Vienna - 1. February 1876
  • the single yard (play in 4 documents) - UA: Theatre at thatVienna - 27. January 1877
  • the fourth requirement (piece of people in 4 documents) - UA: Josefstädter theatre - 29. December 1878


  • the violating mark (novel) - 1. Version: 1877; 2. Version: 1884
  • the asterisking A YARd (novel) - 1885


  • of village courses (collected farmer stories) 2 Bde. 1879
  • the fairy tales of the Steinklopferhannes - 1880
  • acquaintance of the road (category pictures) - 1881
  • Feldrain and Waldweg (collection) - 1881
  • Launiger Zuspruch and serious Red´ (calendar stories) - 1882
  • small market (collection) -1882
  • a great deal Humore. Smallcivil, big-city and Gefabeltes (collection) - 1883
  • clouds and Sunn´schein (collection of village stories) - 1888


  • of the ministers of Kirchfeld
  1. (A, 1914), under the direction by the Jakobs mark and Luise mark, also Ludwig trusting man, max new field, Polly Janisch, Eugen new field and. A.
  2. (D, 1926), under the direction by the Jakobs mark and Luise mark, with William Dieterle, Margarete Lanner, Fritz Kampers, Hans Melzer, max new field
  3. (D,1937), under the direction by the Jakobs mark and Luise mark, with Hans Jaray, Hansi Stork, Ludwig tappet, Karl Paryla and. A.
  • In the spell of the obligation (A, 1917), after the tragedy hand and heart, under the directionby the Jakobs mark and Luise mark, with William Klitsch, Marie Marchal, Karl tree gardner, Josef Reithofer and. A.
  • The violating mark
  1. (A, 1917), under the direction by the Jakobs mark and Luise mark, with Liane Haid, Karl Ehmann, Anton Tiller, Josephine Josephi and. A.
  2. (A, 1956), under the direction of harsh ore B. Fredersdorf, with Gerti Bens, Rudolf Carl, Armin Dahlen, Heinrich Gretler, Gerlinde loose, Dagny Servaes, Hans's von Borsody
  3. (D-TV, 1999), underthe direction of Julian Pölsler, with Hans Michael deer mountain, Fritz Egger, Mira Gittner, Manfred Zapatka, Lisa cruiser and. A.
  • The double suicide (A, 1918), under the direction by the Jakobs mark and Luise mark, with Liane Haid, KarlEhmann, Karl tree gardner, Hans Rhoden, Eduard Sekler and. A.
  • The youth sin
  1. (D, 1919), under the direction by George Alexander, with Gerd Egede Nissen and. A.
  2. (D, 1936), under the direction of Franz Seitz, with Elise Aulinger, George farmer, Josef Berger, Hans Dengel, Else Elster and. A.
  • The woman war (D, 1928), under the direction of Franz Seitz, with Liane Haid, Hans Albrecht, Josef calibration home, Fritz Kampers, Heinz Könecke, Lotte Lorring and. A.
  • The perjury farmer
  1. (D, 1941), under the direction by Leopold Hainisch, with Eduard Köck, Ilse Exl, O. W. Fischer, Hertha Agostini, Anna Exl and. A.
  2. (D, 1956), under the direction of Rudolf Jugert, also Heidemarie Hatheyer, Carl Wery, Christiane Hörbiger, Hans's von Borsody, Joseph open brook, Wolfgang Völz, Attila Hörbiger


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