Ludwig founts

Ludwig founts (approx. 1835)

Carl Ludwig founts (* as Juda praise Baruch to 6. May 1786 in the Jewish Ghetto of Frankfurt/Main, † 12. February 1837 in Paris) was a German journalist, literature and theatre critic. Founts, occasionally also Jean Paul is compared, is considered as due to his point-funny descriptive way of writing as a Wegbereiter of the literary criticism in Germany, in particular the feuilleton.

During the study, Heidelberg and pouring resound to the medicine, on the right of and political sciences in Berlin became it by Professor. Crome promoted, towhose magazine Germanien it among other things Aphorismen published. After the study he became a police registrar, however due to his Judentums to dismiss, on which he could be baptized 1818 Evangelist. It changed its name briefly before the baptism in the Ludwig founts, with the reason that its name tooclearly its religion shows and it with its publisher activity to harm could.

As journalist and a journalist he undertook numerous journeys and established themselves 1830 in Paris. It engaged itself literary with passion for the movement young Germany with the goal of the spreading of the democracy asA condition of the liberty. Its letters from Paris wrote 1830 to 1834 derived from that Paris July revolution the necessity for a revolution in Germany. These writings, how also its Metternich - critical magazine dares was forbidden. Also against Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Wolfgang Menzel and Heinrich Heine (with which it was friendly first) wrote it critical writings. Vorallem its effort around a French-German friendship earns acknowledgment.

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