Ludwig Bechstein

Ludwig Bechstein (1801-1860)
Ludwig Bechstein (1801-1860)

Ludwig Bechstein (* 24. November 1801 in Weimar; † 14. May 1860 in Meiningen) was a German writer, librarian and an archivist.

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Bechstein becameas an illegitimate son of the Johanna Carolina Dorothea Bechstein and a French emigrant under the name Louis Dupontreau born. 1810 adopted it its uncle Johann matte house Bechstein. Since that time it carried the name Ludwig Bechstein. By its uncle Bechstein could visit the school and 1818 pharmacist teachingsin Arnstadt, Meiningen and salting begin. Later a scholarship of the duke of Saxonia Meiningen made the study of philosophy , history and literature in Leipzig and Munich for it possible. In the year 1831 he became a herzoglicher cabinet librarian in Meiningen, 1840 yard advice and 1848 archivist of the hennebergischenTotal archives. It created 1832 the Hennebergi antiquity-searching association.

Bechsteins patriotic lyric poetry and its historical narrations are today forgotten. Remained its fairy tale collections (Bechsteins fairy tale).

Bechstein collected also legends. Its extensive German legend book (1853) is not as popular long as its fairy tale collection, becomesbut until today gladly as manual of the German legend treasure uses.

Who bring along understanding for the time at that time, also Bechsteins publications over Thuringia with profit reads, for example its volume in the row pictorial and romantic Germany.


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