Ludwig Boltzmann

Ludwig Boltzmann

Ludwig Boltzmann (* 20. February 1844 in Vienna, † 5. September 1906 in Duino with Triest) was a Austrian physicist and philosopher.

Boltzmann studied assistant at the there in Vienna and became 1867University with Josef Stefan. 1869 it accepted a Professur for theoretical physics in Graz . Over Munich, Vienna and Leipzig he finally arrived 1902 at the chair of Josef Stefan in Vienna.

The life's work Boltzmanns was the new list that Thermodynamics. It justified the statistic mechanics ( Boltzmann statistics ) with James Clerk Maxwell and interpreted the entropy as a microscopic size: The increase of the entropy is a transition to a macro condition with a larger number of possible micro conditions.

Boltzmann was an advocate of the atomistic conception. It had thereby numerous specialized comrades of its time as an opponent, among them William Ostwald and Max Planck. This fell back however with its Planck radiation law to the conceptions Boltzmanns. The Stefan Boltzmann law (the radiatedAchievement is the 4. Power of the absolute temperature proportionally) is a special case of the Planck law.See also Stefan Boltzmann constant.

Starting from 1870 Boltzmann concerned itself also with problems of aviation, then also the flight tests of Otto Lilienthal interested him.

Boltzmanncould traktieren with biting irony its fellow men, however as humans with actually good-natured nature one described. He loved music. The last Lebensjahre were coined/shaped by its physical suffering, which finally ended in the suicide. On its gravestone at the Viennese central cemetery is the fundamental relationship found by him engraves:

<math> S=k \ cdot \ log W </math>

In today's nomenclature

< math> S=k_B \ cdot \ LN \ omega </math> reads.

The entropy is proportional the logarithm of the possibilities, or, formulates alternative: The entropy is the measurethe disorder proportionally. <math> k_B< /math> thereby the Boltzmann constant, which has universal validity, is it has the dimension energy/temperature.

Ludwig Boltzmann was set in Alfred Besters time travel short history the murderers Mohammeds on bezaubernde way a literary monument.

The following Eponyme leads itself ofLudwig Boltzmann off:Boltzmann constant, Boltzmann factor, Boltzmann equation, Boltzmann Machine, Boltzmann Distribution and Boltzmann Institute.

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