Ludwig Borchardt

Ludwig Borchardt (* 5. October 1863 in Berlin; † 12. August 1938 in Paris) was a German Ägyptologe.

Borchardt studied first architecture and late Ägyptologie with Adolf Erman. it went to 1895 to Cairo and provided there with gas clay/tone Masperothe catalog of the there Egyptian museum.1907 it created German archaeological Institut (DAI) in Cairo, whose director was he until 1928.

Its main point of work was Egyptian architecture. It began excavations in Amarna, where it discovered the studio of the sculptor Thutmosis, among other things also thoseBüste of the queen Nofretete, (today in the museum of Berlin). Also it led the excavations sun sanctify around of the Niuserre in Heliopolis and the graves of the Niuserre, Sahure and Neferirkare in Abu of the Gurob.


  • building history of the Amontempels of Karnak (1905)
  • the annalsand the temporal definition of the old person of realm of Egyptian history (1917)
  • sources and research for the Zeitbestimmung of Egyptian history, 3 Bde. (1917-1938)


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