Ludwig Ganghofer

Ludwig Ganghofer (* 7. July 1855 in Kaufbeuren, † 24. July 1920 in Tegernsee) was a German writer, who admits by its homeland novels became.

Its parents were the Ministerialrat August Ganghofer (late director/conductor of the royally Bavarian forest administration, received for it 1887 the not-paled title of nobility knight) and its Mrs. Karolina (Rufname Charlotte), geb. Louis.

After the Abitur at the royal-Bavarian High School in the year 1873 in Regensburg he worked one year as fitter and a mechanic in Augsburger a engine works. 1875 it began a mechanical engineering study at the polytechnic institute in Munich, changed however later to literature history and philosophy in Munich, Berlin and Leipzig. it attained a doctorate to 1879 in Leipzig.

Its first play „the Herrgottschnitzer of bunting gau “wrote Ganghofer 1880 for to residents of Munich the gardner place theatre. It was 19 times specified with success 19. Its break-through howeverreached it with the appearance of this piece in Berlin, which experienced there over 100 performances. Activities followed as Dramaturg at the Viennese ring theatre (1881), as free coworkers for the family sheet the arbour and feuilleton editor of the new Viennese day sheet (1886 - 1891). Starting from 1891 he worked mainly as a writer, however e.g. produced. 1898 in Munich Hugo of Hofmannsthals „gate and death “. Likewise it created the residents of Munich literary society.

Is its work than freiwilliger less admits war correspondents between 1915 and 1917 in the First World War.In this time it wrote a multiplicity of war poems, which appear in anthologies like „iron Zither “and „new war songs “beside propagandistic and little objective war reports like „journey to the German front “also. The works are coined/shaped by German national and anti-democratic convicition. Ganghofer was a personal friendby emperor Wilhelm II, its war reports are pretty often Lobeshymnen on the emperor and the war guidance. Still to briefly Ganghofer exhortations to hold out published before war conclusion. With readings of its war works he earned überduchschnittlich.

After completion of its activity as war correspondents it was up to its death 1920as writers actively. Its last work, „the country that Bavaria in color photography “, he - backwards-turned - dedicates „to his majesty king Ludwig III. by Bavaria in deepest reverence “.

Ganghofers of works, above all the novels, are this very day shifted. Became world-wide altogether more than 30 million workssold (estimated, conditions 2004). Besides Ganghofer is one of the usually filmed German authors.

Ganghofers of homeland novels brought in for it the call „welfare world “- writer. Pretty often become its works, which usually of the life of simple, efficient, honest people to act, when Kitsch, particularly the actions designates mainlyin exaggerated represented idyl of the Bavarian alps play.

Numerous homeland films of the 50's - in the course of the cinema miracle - are filmings of its novels, which were ideal collecting mains for this film category. The filmings announced Ganghofer again a broad public.

Many works Ganghofers seize eventsfrom history Berchtesgadens up, where it regularly was, and were also filmed in the Berchtesgadener country. A theatre for its works - at the original scene in Berchtesgaden -, planned by Ganghofer themselves, one did not realize. In the neighbouring Schönau at the king lake found in the summer 2003 ina large theatre tent 180 performances of the Salzsaga (author and title holder of a right Nikolaus Bielka, rose home) a musical on the basis of Ganghofers novel “the man in the salt”, instead of.

Ganghofers brother-in-law was the geologist and a geographer Albrecht Penck, its nephew of the Geomorphologe roll ago Penck.

In Viennais in the 11. District a lane after it designated.

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