Ludwig I. (Portugal)

Ludwig I. (* 31. October 1838 in Lisbon; † 19. October 1889 in Cascais) was king of Portugal from the house Saxonia Coburg and Gotha and governed from 1861 to 1889.


König Ludwig I. von Portugal
king Ludwig I. by Portugal

LudwigI. the second son of Maria was II. of Portugal and their husband Ferdinand II. By the early death of his older brother Peter V., which deceased childless, Ludwig came 1861 on the throne. The circumstances of its accession were not lucky, because beside its olderBrother, who was very popular as a king in the people, and who had succumbed to a fever epidemic disease, also still two younger brothers of Ludwig deceased within short time at the same illness.

Ludwig had a capable head of the government, that with António Maria de Fontes Pereira de Melo particularly thoseIndustrialization of Portugal advanced. After this loses however 1886 power and in the following year deceases, the end of the reign of Ludwig von Problemen is overshadowed. With England it came to a consequence-fraught argument around the colonial policy in the southern Africa. Portugal stepped at that time with the planto the public its two colonies in west and East Africa to connect (today's Mozambique and Angola), in order to create such a large connected colonial empire. Unfortunately Great Britain had a similar plan, wanted its African colonies in north south direction to unite, from Egypt to South Africa. In view ofthe material balance of power, Portugal could compete neither economically nor militarily with Great Britain, remained for the Portuguese nothing else to give way as the British pressure and do without their plan. The plan had in the Portuguese public large nationalistic enthusiasm released, accordingly largely was the disappointment,as it am given up had. For the first time not only was given to the government, but the king and the monarchy the debt for the weakness of Portugal. In the final phase therefore for the first time republican currents grew the rule of Ludwig. Were these stillnot largely enough, in order to endanger the monarchy seriously, but the foundation-stone for the development, which should lead among Ludwig's successors to the disaster for the monarchy, was put.

Ludwig married 1862 Maria Pia von Savoyen, a daughter of king Viktor Emanuel II. of Sardinien andlater first king of Italy. With this it had two children:

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