Ludwig I. (Württemberg Urach)

Ludwig I.
1412-1450 ago
count von Württemberg
Term of office of 1419-1450
predecessors Eberhard IV.
Successor Ludwig II.
Father Eberhard IV.
Nut/mother Henriette of Mömpelgard

Ludwig I. (* before that 31. October 1412; † 23. September 1450 in Urach) was from 1419 to 1450 count von Württemberg.

lives and political working

after the death of his father count Eberhard IV. by Württemberg it became common with its brother Ulrich V. posed from 1419 - 1426 under guardianship. Beside its nut/mother Henriette of Mömpelgard was taken over the guardianship regency councils so by an official, mentioned. After its majority it governed Württemberg starting from 1426 first alone and starting from 1433 together with its brother Ulrich V. After the marriage Ulrichs with Margarethe of Cleve agreed upon the brothers 1441 the division Württembergs, those in the Nürtinger contract of 25. January 1442 was finally fixed. Ludwig kept the Uracher part with the areas in the west and the south of the country inclusive the areas in the Elsass. Mömpelgard was likewise slammed shut after death Henriettes of Mömpelgards 1444 Ludwig. Ludwig developed Urach to the Residenzstadt and operated an active policy for the stabilization of the monasteries in its sphere of influence. Alliance-politically it approached the Wittelsbachern and the having citizens on. It supported for example duke Albrecht VI. of Austria in the fight against the oath comrades.


Ludwig was married with Mechthild of the Pfalz. The wedding found to 21. October 1436 in Stuttgart instead of. After its death she married to 10. August 1452 duke Albrecht VI. of Austria. From the marriage with Ludwig the following children followed:

  • Mechthild (* after 1436; † 1495), marry II. starting from 1454 with Ludwig., Land count by Hessen (1438-1471)
  • Ludwig II. (* 1439; † 1457), starting from 1450 count von Württemberg Urach
  • Andreas's (* and † 1443)
  • Eberhard V. (* 1445; † 1496), starting from 1457 count von Württemberg Urach, starting from 1495 duke Eberhard I. by Württemberg
  • Elizabeth (* 1447; † 1505), marry rulers of Württemberg (1081 to 1918) starting from 1470 with Johann III., count von Nassau in Saarbruecken (1423-1472), and starting from 1474 with Heinrich


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