Ludwig II. (Württemberg)

Ludwig II.
around 1137-1181
count von Württemberg
Term of office of 1158-1181
predecessors Ludwig I.
Successor Hartmann I.
Father probably Ludwig I.

Ludwig II. (* around 1137; † 1181) were from 1158 to 1181 count von Württemberg.

It was ground with Willibirg (* 1142, † 1179), daughter of the count Hartmann III. of Kirchberg.

Documents, in which a württembergischer ruler with names is mentioned Ludwig, exist with the additive count until 1154. These are supposed on Ludwig I. referred. Until 1166 are then mentioned the name Ludwig without count titles. The first denomination of Ludwig II. with the count title Friedrich I. dates on the year 1181 in a document of emperor. Barbarossa. A safe sequence of the rulers cannot be provided 1200 ago for the house Württemberg; the secured row begins only with Ludwig's sons Hartmann I. and Ludwig III. Reason for it are also from the argument between cities and counts the adults destruction in 14. Century, when the Städter the pin church bag brook plünderten and all inscriptions and coats of arms of the “counts von Wirtemberg” bestatteten there destroyed.


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