Ludwig young man

Ludwig young man (* 4. July 1572 in Leipzig; † 7. June 1653 ebenda) was a German Botaniker and physician.

Its father Caspar young man (1531-1606) was in Leipzig professor of the rights, its nut/mother Ursula Camerarius (1539-1604) the daughter of the human Joachim Camerarius D. A. (1500-1574), a fellow combatant and a friend of Philipp Melanchthon.

After the study of the medicine young man was first in Nuremberg and was of 1614 - 1625 a professor of anatomy and Botanik in pouring.

1616 it rejected a call on the renowned chair for Botanik in London as a successor of Matthias Lobelius , just as it had before already not followed calls to the Universities of Rostock and Rinteln.

In pouring it put on a Botani garden (Hortus medicus). This is today the oldest Botani garden of Germany still at its original place stands.

1625 it accepted a Professur for anatomy and Botanik in old village . It led the Hortus also there medicus.

Young man is the first Botaniker, which published Lokalfloren. A Flora of old village appeared 1615. Its Flora of pouring, Cornucopiae Florae Giessensis and the Catalogus herbarum about Giessam (both from 1623) are to verschollen today.

Beside the two Floren it already published 1913 in Nuremberg as well as Basilius Besler the Hortus Eystettensis .

Young man was considered already to his contemporaries as „four botanicorum nemini secundus “. He is to have noticed once that he will only then marry if one brings him a plant, which he cannot determine. He deceased beforeless!

Carl von Linné designated a kind of the Lebermoose young man in honours as Jungermannia. Allegedly the Giessener Botaniker Heinrich Bernhard Rupp (1689-1719) is to have called the appropriate Lebermoos order already before Jungermanniales.


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