Ludwig Kasper

Ludwig Kasper (* 2. May 1893 in belts; † 28. August 1945 in Braunau) was a Austrian sculptor.

The farmer son Kasper received his artistic training as the sculptor and others in resounding place in Tirol, with Hermann cock in Munich and in the context of scholarships in Greece and Rome. In addition it worked in the schlesischen Berna, in Paris and Berlin, where its main creative period took place. In the year 1930 marriage with the artist Ottilie wolf (after it Ottilie Kasper). Between 1943 and 1944 he informs sculpture at the art school in Braunschweig, returns however to bombardment to its homeland Austria , where he dies after a renal disease 1945.

Its works became among other things on first documenta in Kassel issued.


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