Ludwig Meidner

Ludwig Meidner (* 18. April 1884 in Berne city at the pasture (Schlesien); † 14. May 1966 in Darmstadt) was a German painter of the expressionism, poet and commercial artist.

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[work on] lives after the study at the Breslauer academy of arts from 1903 to 1905 to Berlin among other things in the expressionistischen magazine the action . Already before the First World War it painted apokalyptischePictures. After the war, at which it starting from 1916 teilnehm, became its motives and its indication style more calmly. 1939 went to Meidner into the exile to London, after he was pursued in National Socialist Germany asmore entarteter a “artist. Its wife was thoseGrafikerin and painter Else Meidner.

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