Ludwig Michael Curtius

Ludwig Michael Curtius (* 13. December 1874 in Augsburg; † 10. April 1954 in Rome) was a German classical archaeologist. Its books to antique topics are determining into the present inside.

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Ludwig Curtius studied philosophy, on the right of and national economies in Munich and Berlin after the High School, before it became enthusiastic starting from 1896 in Munich for the classical archaeology under its instructor Adolf Furtwängler. 1899 he became a private teacher for its son, the later conductor William Furtwängler.

From 1904-1907 Curtius participated in the German excavations on Ägina and in the Turkish Boghazköj . After its Habilitation in the year 1907 its way led it across stopovers in attaining and Freiburg in mash gau in the year 1920 to the university Heidelberg.

1928 became the scientist director of the department of the archaeological institute of the German Reich (later German archaeological Institut) in Rome. 1937 shifted the national socialists Curtius into the premature retirement. Rome remained nevertheless up to its death its second homeland.


its works over antique Rome and antique art (2 volumes) are coining/shaping for our understanding over that time. Into the Wandmalerei Pompejis spreads Curtius fundamental realizations. Its language is graphic and reflect-gladly to antique topics.

  • German and antique world; (Autobiografie), Stuttgart 1950
  • antique art; 3. Aufl., Darmstadt 1959
  • antique Rome; Vienna 1944
  • the Wandmalerei Pompejis; Leipzig 1929 (lp Darmstadt 1972)


  • pure hard Herbig, Ludwig Curtius (1874 - 1954) to the memory. Heidelberg 1955
  • Guido Kaschnitz vineyard: Ludwig Curtius: the scientific work. Baden-Baden 1958
  • commemorative speeches for the celebration 100. Birthday by Ludwig Curtius: held in the Winckelmann Adunanz by 13. December 1974 in German archaeological Institut in Rome, reports of the German archaeological institute Roman department 82 (1975)

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