Ludwig cutter (MdB)

Ludwig cutter (* 20. September 1898 in Lollar; † 23. April 1978) was a German politician (FDP, late FVP, DP and CDU).

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by occupation was a cutter attorney. He was the son of the founder of the building contractor “Ludwig cutter” in Heuchelheim, which exists this very day, and took over the line of this enterprise apart from his attorney activity.

a party

after that 2. World war joined cutter of the FDP , which it to 23. February 1956 with the Minister wing (so-called. “Group of Eulers”) left, in order to along-justify the FVP, with which he came 1957 to the DP. After the union of this party with the GB/BHE to the Union of Police it, that felt the union as “against-natural marriage”, stepped at the 3. May 1961 to the CDU over, where he became joint founder of the local federation in Lollar. Until 1972 he was also a chairman of the CDU Lollar.



cutter again belonged to the German Bundestag since its first choice 1949 to 1957 and of 10. September 1958, when it for August Martin Euler advanced, until on 1961. 1949 up to 5. October 1956 was a chairman of the choice test committee of the federal daily. 1953 to 1957 were a cutter Bundestag vice-president. Of 8. October 1956 to 1957 he was a chairman of the sub-commission household of the Bundestag presidency.

With establishment of the FVP - parliamentary group at the 1. March 1956 it became up to the union with the DP of leaders of the parliamentary group. Of 14. It was common to March 1957 up to the end of the second legislative period with seriousness Christoph Brühler of leaders of the parliamentary group of the DP/FVP parliamentary group.

it belonged to 1959 with Josef Arndgen (CDU), roll ago bold (FDP) and Carlo forge (SPD) after the accidental death of the delegate Josef Gockeln, whose survivor became social cases, to the initiators of a age, a disablement and a survivor supply for delegates.

local parliaments

from 1952 to 1960 and 1964 to 1968 was cutter member of the Kreistages of the district pouring, after he had belonged already four years to the circle committee before. From 1952 to 1956 he was a president of the Kreistages, in the remaining term of office vice-president. From 1964 to its death he was a Gemeindevertreter (late city delegates) of Lollar


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