Ludwig Spaenle

Ludwig Spaenle (* 16. June 1961 in Munich) is a German politician (CSU).

After its Abitur Spaenle history and catholic theology in Munich studied 1980. it attained a doctorate to 1989 to the Dr. phil. Besides Spaenle from 1979 to 1990 worked at the German Federal Railroads. Starting from 1990 he worked as a television editor for the Bavarian broadcast.

Its political career started Spaenle in the boys union, in which it was since 1975 member. From 1988 to 1991 was Spaenle JU-Kreisvorsitzender of Munich Schwabing, 1991 he to the CSU Ortsvorsitzenden Munich alto Schwabings and 1993 also in the CSU Bezirksvorstand Munich was selected. Since 1997 he is a circle chairman of the CSU Schwabing.

1994 he was selected for the CSU into the Bavarian federal state parliament and formed themselves there soon as one of the most important education and culture politicians of the CSU. 2004 he became regional chairman of the working group university and culture of the CSU.

In the federal state parliament is Ludwig Spaenle of chairmen of the committee for university, research and culture, as well as deputy politico-cultural speaker and member of the board of the CSU parliamentary group.

In its honorary commitment is it and others Chairman of the Bavaria federation Munich, executive committee of the study cooperative William High School (Munich) as well as member in the Kuratorium of the university for philosophy Munich.

Ludwig Spaenle is married and has two daughters.


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