Ludwig XII. (France)

Ludwig XII. (* 27. June 1462 in Blois; † 1. January 1515 in Paris) was from 1498 to 1515 king of France.

Ludwig XII. of France
Mausoleum of Ludwig XII. and the Anna of Brittany in the Basilika Saint Denis,Painting by 1867

Ludwig XII. the only son of Karl , Herzog von Orléans, was and its third wife Maria von Kleve. It comes of thereby to a Nebenlinie of the dynasty of the Valois, the Valois Orléans.

In accordance with the will of Ludwig XI., that it probably asHe regarded, enjoyed competitors for his own lateborn son and successor to the throne Karl no good education and appeared as a young man violent and wastefully. After the death of Ludwig XI. (1483) Ludwig with force of arms stressed the regency for Karl VIII. (*1470), in place of its older sister Anna von Beaujeu. It became however with pc. Aubin 1488 defeats and taken prisoner and spent afterwards three years in the shank. With the words; “The king of France may not do the duke of Orléans throats” mounted Ludwig 1498 after Karl's death the throne, and inthe act was mild and fair its government. Thus it reduced fiscal charges and improved the justice.

As a grandchild of the mailändischen princess Valentina Visconti, the daughter of the duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti, he laid claims on Milan and conquered it 1499. Afterwards alliedit itself with Ferdinand from Aragonien to the conquest of the Kingdom of Neapel, on which it made likewise hereditary requirements valid. The goal was achieved, but fallow by means of the allocation of the booty among the winners war out. Ludwig's troops 1503 from Neapel were driven out and hehad to transfer its rights to its niece Germaine of Foix, which ground itself with Ferdinand.

1509 it joined the league of Cambrai , which should prevent of Venice expansion on the mainland. Ludwig struck the Venezianer 1509 with Agnadello. After however Pope Julius II.outthe alliance was out-sheared and the so-called.Holy league against France had zusammengebacht, their troops and/or. 1513 at November era and before guinea gate struck , had quick Ludwig he with the Pope, England, Spain and the emperor 1514 peace to close.

Openly, fairly, economically, fairly, good-naturedly andgrossherzig, Ludwig acquired itself the surname “father of the people” despite his unfortunate martial enterprises, whom the general conditions gave him 1506 in route.

To 8. He married September 1476 in first marriage Johanna of France, and to 8. January 1499 it ground itself with Annaof Brittany, with which he got the daughters Claudia, * 1499, and Renée de France, * 1510.

At the 11. October 1514 married Ludwig XII. in third marriage Maria von England. Besides he was father of the illegitimate son Michel (*1485). Since it left only two daughters, as a king Franz I. followed it. from the Nebenlinie Valois Angoulême, which was its son-in-law at the same time.

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