Ludwig XV. (France)

Ludwig XV., king by France and Navarra

Ludwig XV. (* 15. February 1710 in Versailles; † 10. May 1774 ebenda), of the people „the much-loved “(le Bien Aimé) mentioned, duke of Anjou (1710-1715), was from 1715 to its death kingby France and Navarra. The title of Ludwig XV. read: Louis, par la grâce de Dieu roy de France et de Navarre.

Ludwig XV., König von Frankreich und Navarra
Ludwig XV., king by France and Navarra

Ludwig XV. was the third son of Ludwig von Burgund and its wife Maria ofSavoyen and the great-grandchild of Ludwig XIV., which it followed after the death of its grandfather 1711 and the death of its father 1712 in the year 1715 after the throne.

It stood until 1723 under the guardianship of its uncle Philipp II. of Orléans and cardinal Fleurys andbecame to 5. September 1725 with the Polish princess Maria Leszczynska, whose inheritance it exchanged with Austria for Lorraine, grinds (→ house having castle Lorraine). Its official Mätressen were only madame de Pompadour, then madame Dubarry. Under its rule France experienced a largecultural bloom.

By its unsuccessful participation in the seven-year-old war against Friedrich the large one it lost the French colonies in North America (Québec) at England. Thereupon it supported the American settlers with the resistance against England, by supplying weapons. The fight of the settlers ledlater to American independence. In its colonies in India only the trade privileges remained to it. For France it acquired however Lorraine and Korsika.

Under its government the centuries-old contrast between France and Austria was settled and the new alliance by the marriage Marie Antoinettes (daughter Maria Theresias of Austria) with his grandchild, the later Ludwig XVI., seals. After his death 1774 his grandchild Ludwig XVI followed it. on the throne, since its sons had already died before it - Ludwig Ferdinand 1765 and Philipp Louis 1733.

To 29. April1774 got sick the 64jährige monarch at smallpox, which he to 10. May succumbed. The Abbé de Véri (1724-1799) judged:“Never France (before) was so wealthy and so richly at Manufakturen, so excellently by a quantity of scholars, so well equipped with cultivated fields and like thatmany inhabitants as under the government of Ludwig XV. “

conjugal one descendant

Marie Adelheid of France

Mätressen and illegitimate children

of Ludwig first four loving were four of altogether five sisters. Dominique Guillaume Lebel, its first chamber servant,the Mätressen for it often selected. It had like its predecessor numerous illegitime children. Since it had bad experiences with the descendants of its great-grandfather, it rejected it to recognize its. It provided for its education, provided for their social position, but never met itwith yard. Only it recognized Louis Aimé de Bourbon on.

  • Louise Julie de Mailly Nesle, Gräfin von Mailly (1710-1751), who was displaced later by its three sisters.
  • Pauline Félicité of Mailly Nesle, countess of Vintimille, wife of Jean Baptist, count von Vintimille. Its son Charles de Vintimille (1741-1814) calledone half Ludwig, because he saw so similar to the king.
  • Diana Adelaide von Mailly Nesle, Herzogin von Lauraguais (1713-1760).
  • Marie Anne de Mailly Nesle, Marquise de La Tournelle, duchess Châteauroux (1717-1744).
  • Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, admits de Pompadour as madame (1721-1764).
  • Marie Louise O'Murphy (1737-1815), it had Irish ancestors and had thoseDaughter Agathe Louise de Saint Antoine de Saint André (1754-1774), whom 1773 René Jean Mans de La route you pin married.
  • Françoise de Châlus (1734-1821), duchess of Narbonne Lara, it was married with Jean François, duke by Narbonne Lara and had the children Philippe, duke of Narbonne Lara (1750-1834) and Louis, count ofNarbonne Lara (1755-1813).
  • Marguerite Catherine Haynault (1736-1823), daughter of a tobacco enterprise and a nut/mother of Agnès Louise de Montreuil (1760-1837) and Anne Louise de La Réale (1763-1831).
  • Lucie larva line d'Estaing (1743-1826), nut/mother of Agnès Lucie Augusts (1761-1822) and Aphrodite Lucie Augusts (1763-1819).
  • Anne Couffier de Romans (1737-1808), Baroninby Meilly Coulonge, nut/mother of Louis Aimé de Bourbon (1762-1787), abbott
  • Louise Jeanne Tiercelin de La Colleterie (1746-1779), nut/mother of Benoît Louis Le Duc (1764-1837), abbott
  • Irène you Buisson de Longpré, it married 1747 Charles François Filleul, an advisor of the king and was the nut/mother ofJulie Filleul (1751-1822), which married the brother of the madame de Pompadour and then François de La Cropte Marquis de Bourzac.
  • Catherine Éléonore Bénard (1740-1769), nut/mother of Adélaïde de Saint Germain, Gräfin Montalivet (1769-1850).
  • Marie Thérèse Françoise Boisselet (1731-1800), nut/mother of Charles Louis Cadet de Gassicourt (1769-1821),the larva line Félicité building December marries.

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