Ludwig of the Kelheimer

Ludwig I., duke of Bavaria, called the Kelheimer (* 23. December 1173 in Kelheim; † 15. September 1231 ebenda) was duke of Bavaria and Pfalzgraf with Rhine. It belonged to the sex of the Wittelsbacher. ThatIt received surnames of the Kelheimer, after it fell in Kelheim an assassination attempt to the victim.

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Ludwig 1173 in Kelheim one bore. Already with ten years it followedits father Otto I. as a duke after. Its nut/mother Agnes and its uncle led the government for him up to the majority.

As an adult Ludwig strengthened with an intelligent policy and skillful marrying the power of the Wittelsbacher. Above all it could intersperse themselves against the powerful bishops of its region, which in freesing, Regensburg, Salzburg, Passau and Augsburg sat. Ludwig's meaning lies however not least in his town foundations. Thus it created 1204 land hat, 1218 the Straubinger new city and 1224 Landau to the Isar.

Ludwig recognized the past Gegenkönig Otto IV. on, that it for it 1208 the heritability of the duchy Bavaria confirmed. Thus it put the foundation-stone for more than 700 years wittelsbachische rule in Bavaria. Since 1211Ludwig was party man of the Stauferkönigs Friedrich II. In the year 1214 Ludwig with the Pfalzgrafschaft with Rhine was belehnt. From now on it was allowed to lead the lion in the coat of arms. In the year 1221 it participated in a crusade to Egypt, whereit into the shank of the Sultans turned out.

1231 were murdered Ludwig on the bridge into the city Kelheim. Its grave is in the Benediktinerkloster Scheyern. Its son and successor, Otto of the Erlauchte, let the bridge break off in the following yearand the gate converted into a chapel .

There the sons from Ludmillas of first marriage with count Adalbert III. from elbow early died, could Ludwig's son Otto itself the rule over the county elbow and thus their white-blue lozenge coat of arms forBavaria secure.



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