Luis Ángel González Macchi

Luis Ángel González Macchi (* 13. December 1947 in Asunción) is a Paraguayan politician and was a president of Paraguay of 28. March 1999 up to 15. August 2003.

González became to 23. March 1999, thus 6 days before he president became, by the murder of the vice-president Luis María Argaña vice-president and by the office resignation and escape to Brazil of the president Raúl Cubas grey to 29. March 1999 even president.

When president tried González to educate a coalition government around itself the co-operation of the large parties to secure and around the necessary majority of votes for urgent changes possess, since by the preceded political crises the economy of Paraguay was because of the soil. But already 2000 left the radicals liberal a party this alliance and it had only a minority government for order. Its popularity began to sink just like the resource of the country and it had 2000 a first Putschversuch to get over and to 2001 an attempt it before court bring. It got over both and could to the presidency up to the regular end hold. Its successor in the office of the president became to 15. August 2003 Nicanor Duarte Frutos.


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