Lujo Tončić Sorinj

Lujo Tončić Sorinj (* 12. April 1915 in Vienna; † 20. May 2005 in Salzburg) was a Austrian diplomat and politician of the ÖVP.

Originating from a diplomat family, its father was consul in Dschidda, its grandfather on the paternal side k.u.k.- Governor in Dalmatien, visited Tončić Sorinj a human High School in Salzburg. After its study of the rights, the philosophy and the history of the Slawistik at the University of Vienna and the University of Zagreb he informed during the Second World War languages in the air Signal Corps of the German armed forces.

Starting from 1945 Tončić Sorinj director/conductor of the political department of the Austrian institute for economics and politics was in Salzburg, member of the Austrian UNESCO - commission and the Austrian delegation for the advisory meeting of the Council of Europe. Of 8. November 1949 up to 5. June 1966 was it for the ÖVP of delegates to the national council, of 19. April 1966 up to 19. Jänner of 1968 ministers of foreign affairs in the ÖVP government among chancellors Josef Klaus. From 1969 to 1974 Tončić Sorinj dressed the office of the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe.

1992 it accepted „from solidarity with Dalmatien “ the Croatian nationality, whereupon the Austrian was denied to it and the politician pension was painted. Only by interventions of the ÖVP and collecting main of documents, which should prove the not legal acquisition of the Croatian nationality, Dr. became. Lujo Tončić Sorinj again Austrians.

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