Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson, 9. January. 1969

Lyndon Baines Johnson (* 27. August 1908 in Stonewall, Texas; † 22. January 1973 in San Antonio) was the 36. President of the United States of America.


originally teachers,it its enthusiasm for the reform politics brought to Roosevelts to the democratic party, for which it 1949 - 1961 the senate belonged.

He was selected 1961 as a vice-president Kennedys and became after its murder 1963 even president. With the presidency election 1964 it became with overwhelming majorityred-elect.

Lyndon Johnson when its swearing-in in on board the air Force One, few hours after the assassination attempt on Kennedy

relating to domestic affairs it wanted to implement comprehensive social reforms (particularly in the fight against the poverty) under the key word Great Society, which remained incomplete however usually.

Its presidencyby the Viet Nam war one overshadowed. Already under its predecessor „advisors “of the US military were active in south Viet Nam. Johnson, which possessed close contacts to the armaments industry, forced the US-American initiative in Southeast Asia after its assumption of office. By the Tonkin incident to 2. August 1964 and the following Tonkin resolution of both houses of the Congress of US received it the authorization to send officially troops. When the military situation did not take favorable development against expecting, it refused, from the commitment moving away (“I wants emergency the roofridge President ton loose A was. ”), on the other hand one he kept himself against thoseSuggestions of the generals to force by a ever more intensive bombardment of North Vietnam the opponent into the knees.

The war ate not only ever more resources up, which for the Great Society - programs would have been necessary, it weakened (not least because of numerous protests of war opponents) also increasingly JohnsonsPosition as a president. Also in the Dominican republic militarily one intervened.

After it already traveled in August 1961 after the building of the Wall as a vice-president to Germany, it was of 23. - 26. April 1967 in Cologne and Bonn to guest, where it at burying of Konrad Adenauer participated and discussions with briefly George Kiesinger and further statesmen (Aldo Moro and Charles de Gaulle) participated. With Kiesinger it talked in addition about topics like the Nonproliferationsvertrag, a stationing about US-American troops in Germany, tariff and commercial negotiations and the promisean intensive consultation.

With the presidency election 1968 done without Johnson on a renewed candidacy for a further presidency, (those would have been permissible, there it less than two years of Kennedys presidency had officiated), after in his own party Robert Kennedy had begun as a most promising candidate.

At the latest since the film JFK - scene Dallas conspiracy theories emerged again and again that the murder John F. Kennedys a covered coup d'etat Lyndon B. Johnsons was. This could be so far however never soundly proven.


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