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region: Rhône Alpes (boss lieu)
Département: Rhône (69)
surface: 47.87 km ²
inhabitants: 465.300 (city)
(conditions 1. January 2005)
Population density:
(Einwohner/km ²)
9.720 (city)
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 51 ' N,02° 20 ' O
48° 51 ' N, 02° 20 ' O
height: 173 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 69001-69009
Vorwahl: 00330
Kfz characteristics: 69
city arrangement: 9 Arrondissements
official Website:
mayor: Gérard Collomb (HP)
Blick die Saône hinauf in Richtung Stadtzentrum
View the Saône up toward city centre

Lyon [ljɔ̃] (German become outdated: Leyden) is the capital of the region Rhône Alpes and the Départements Rhône in the east of France.

The city is because of the confluence of the Rhône and that Saône. With about 450,000 inhabitants it is to Paris and Marseille the third biggest city of the country. That approximately 1.3 million inhabitant counting population centre ranks after the Île de France country-wide in second place.

The old part of town Lyons became 1998 of the UNESCO as the world cultural heritage explains. Lyon is a diocese of the Roman-catholic church - bishop seat is the cathedral Saint Jean in the old part of town. More salient is however the Basilika Notre-Dame de Fourvière, who establishes , 1871 on the point of the hill of the same name, which towers above entire city.

The Lyoner catering trade enjoys a exquisiten call: The praised variety of the traditional kitchen finds proximity and navigable entrance to the Mediterranean their origin in the rare combination of alps -. North and south the city close the areas of cultivation of wine Beaujolais and/or. Côtesyou Rhône on. Historically the city is closely linked with canuts, the silk webers, their handicraft during the industriellen revolution the driving resource was. In addition Lyon is annual as city of the light well-known, that in honours to 8.December the fête of the lumières is celebrated.

Lyon is the hometown of the physicist André Marie Ampère, philosophies Savitri Devi Mukherji, the writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the cook of world fame Paul Bocuse as well as the Wegbereiter of the modern Cinema, the brothers Lumière.

Lyon is seat of the international police authority interpole.

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Lyon became 43 v. Chr. of the Romans under the name Lugdunum (hill of the light or hill of the Raben: the Etymologie is still disputed) created as administrative centre Galliens; a celtic settlement however already existed before.This role held the city over three centuries, before their meaning in the course of the fall of the Roman realm decreased/went back.

In the year 177 the Märtyrerin Blandina was burned here, which later one made the Stadtpatronin of Lyon. In late ancient timeshere a “university” existed, at which among other things also Sidonius Apollinaris studied; also Lyon was early diocese and/or. Ore diocese. 461 the city fell to the Burgunden and remained up to Frankish conquest 534 king residence. The city became 725 of that Arabs, who broke in coming from Spain into the Franconia realm, devastates.

Blick von der Basilika Fourvière auf den Platz Bellecour im Stadtzentrum
View of the Basilika Fourvière of the place Bellecour in the city centre

only in the 11. Century attained Lyon again greater supraregional importance, than the catholic church of the city the head office overGallien (Primat of the Gaules) awarded, which she possesses this very day. The cardinal of Lyon is still the head of the catholic church in France.

The city resulted 1032, like also the entire Kingdom of Arelat,the holy Roman realm. In the Renaissance deeply felt Lyon due to the silk trade a renewed development thrust. 1348 raged however the plague also in Lyon, which 1310 had been occupied by French troops.

During the French revolution received the name to Lyon Ville sans Nom, since it had out-done negatively by monarchistic activities. In 19. Century became Lyon an important industrial city.

Lyon was at present the German crew in 2. World war center of the “Résistance “.

Universities of

  • Université Claude Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Lyon 1 [1]
  • Université Lumière Lyon 2 [2]
  • Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 [3]
  • Université Catholique de Lyon [4]
  • Ecole normal Supérieure Lettres Sciences humaines [ 5] Institut
  • of d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) et de Lyon [6]
  • Ecole nationalsupérieure sciences de l'information et the bibliothèques [7]
  • Ecole national one Beaux kind de Lyon [8]


Lyon is one of the oldest centers of the French faience production; since 1512 faience is manufactured here, at first probably of Italian immigrants. The products of the late 16. Century remind of contemporary Majolica from Urbino.

The most well-known enterprise from Lyon might be the major bank Crédit Lyonnais, whose head office is in a salient multistoried building in the east of the city, which is called its form because of Crayon (pencil).

Besides Lyon is an important location of the Pharma - enterprise Aventis, whose forerunner Rhône Poulenc had his head office in Lyon.

Furthermore refineries exist and further industry.


Lyon is of France second largest railway junction with the stations Perrache and part Dieuas well as the marshalling yard Sibelin and 1982 were the first city, which was connected with Paris by the TGV.

Been because of the autoroute you Soleil, which underruns the old part of town in a tunnel at the west side, know many tourists Lyon only outthe tunnel perspective.

Lyon has 20 km with Saint Exupery in Satolas, east the city, an international airport. It is designated after Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Lyon has one a modern Metro with four lines, of those without driver and onewith gear wheel enterprise on the way is. As additional offer of the ÖPNV became beside the bus and Oberleitungsbus - net at the beginning of the millenium also a streetcar builds. In addition on the Fourvière hill two endless rope haulage systems lead.


beside numerous theatres and Lyon offers cinemas also an opera house (Opéra national de Lyon), which has supraregional meaning and whose architecture is considered as masterpiece of the architect Jean Nouvel.

The Cathedrale sp Jean, the Basilica Notre Dame de Fourviere, and the route métallique de Fourvière inLyon

Lyon is in particular admits for its puppet theatre, which climbs around the city-historically coined/shaped figure of the Guignol.

Lyon deposits 15 city-own libraries, a national orchestra (Orchestre national de Lyon) to the 30 museums (Musée of the Confluences,…),National music conservatory, as well as numerous important choirs, and are considered besides as the gastronomische center of the country.

A Lyoner street name might be world-wide probably unique: „the road of the first film “. The road lies in the 3. Urban district and is exactly onthe place, where the brothers Lumière 1895 turned that allegedly first film of the world. Today one can visit a museum in this road for the history of the film in the former house of the family Lumière. A modern cinema became for that“Institut Lumière” in the place of the former chemistry factory of the Lumières built.

Das Römische Theater in Lyon
The Roman theatre in Lyon

a further cultural characteristic is the Maison de la Danse. This offers completely on dance into to all its forms aligned program,of classical ballet over modern Tango up to experimental dance theatre. Every two years organize the Maison de la Danse one in each case under another topic standing Biennale, those the entire city in September two weeks long into a gigantic dance stagetransformed. In the year 2004 the topic “Europe” read.

At the left Sâoneufer, north the city centre, is the Subsistances. It concerns here one in an old convention on the Saône bank accommodated culture complex, that itself the current styles of artistic creationin all his forms dedicates, i.e. Dance, theatre, new circus forms, video, computer performances, etc.

in the park de la Tête d'or gives it a small Tierpark, on the Fourvière hill in the west to the city is a theatre from the Roman time, thatalso today still for performances, particularly in the summer months, is used and a Odeon, a smaller theatre, which was reserved musical performances. The Croix Rousse one discovers hills against it on the remainders of the Roman Amphitheaters. A remarkable buildingin Lyon is the route not accessible for the public métallique de Fourvière.

partnerships between cities

Lyon maintains with the following cities partnerships.


in Lyon is the football - club Olympique Lyonnais at home, that as a first crew five national championships in consequence (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) won and Cup winner (Coupe de laLigue) from 2001 is. The home stadium is the Stade Gerland (official: Stade Municipal de Gerland) in 7. Arrondissement to the Avenue Jean Jaurès.

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