Fairy tale

fairy tale (medium high German Maere = “customer, report”) is the name of a literature kind. This concerns usually relatively short narrations with pronounced surrealen and marvelous elements.

With people fairy tales no certain author lets himself be determined. They became first overaway verbally it delivers partial large periods why they tend to emerge in numerous variants. Sometime they were in writing held then „collected “and. Pretty often they contain anonymizated legend materials.

With the so-called. Art fairy tale concerns it meanwhile conscious creations ofPoets and writers. Sometimes they take up motives of the people fairy tale tradition, however new fantastische miracle stories are usually invented, which remain connected with the people fairy tale by the aspect of the marvelous one or unreal one however nevertheless.

In the broadest sense to the art fairy tales can alsothe Fantasy - stories developed in more recent time to be counted.

fairy tale storyteller and fairy tale collecting tank

fairy tale storyteller give it probably since it fairy tales give. They contributed to the emergence, excessive quantity of fairy tales and fairy tale collections considerably. To the most well-known fairy tale collecting tanks and - authorsbelong the brothers Grimm, William Hauff and Hans's Christian Andersen one. A collection of eastern fairy tales contains stories of 1001 night.

Most fairy tale storytellers of the present collect old people fairy tales and sit down for their preservation and the traditiontelling. Admittingness in the German-speaking countries have to that extent among other things the German Klaus Adam and Frieder bald ore, the Austrians Folke Tegetthoff, Michael Kohl Meier, EH Jensen and Helmut Wittmann, who attains Swiss Jürg climbing Meier. Within the international rangeRadha Anjali ( India) are, Heather Forest (the USA), Huda aluminium Hilali (Iraq), Jankele Ya'akobson (Israel), Saddek El Kebir (Algeria), Laura Kibel (Italy), to call Antonio Sacre (Cuba) and Eth Noh Tec (Japan). Since 1988 in Graz annually nights find a “being enoughthe fairy tale storyteller " (GRAZERZÄHLT) instead of, Europe largest Erzählkunstfestival.

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