Métis Indian on buffalo hunt, sketch of the Canadian painter Paul Kane from the year 1846
Métis Indians on buffalo hunt, Ölgemälde of Paul Kane, that for its sketches developed

the Métis is a Ethnie in Canada.

The Métis is descendantsEuropean fur dealer - in particular from France, England and Scotland - and Mrs. indianischer descent, in particular the Ethnien of the Cree, Anishinabe and Saulteaux.

The development of the Métis found gradually in the period between that 17. Century and the later 19. Century instead of. Since 1982 the Métis is recognized as a indigenes people in Canada. They speak French and Michif, a kind Kreolsprache. This decreases/goes back however obviously not on a Pidgin , but has itself from Cree and Frenchdevelops - the nominal system is French, the verbal system is Cree.

Internationally became it admits by Louis Riel (1844 - 1885), of the 1869 to talks River, the today's Manitoba, with the Comité national of the Métis de la RivièreRouge a provisional province government formed and the entrance into the Canadian Konföderation aimed at. Cause was the sales of the country by the previous owner, the Hudson's Bay company, to the Canadian government and the uncertainty of the Landrechte resulted from it the Métis. 1884 stated Riel the Métis as “prophet” in an armed rebellion against the Canadian government and in the year after were therefore executed.

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