Murderer ahoi! (Film)

film data
of German titles: Murderer Ahoi!
Original title: Murder ahoy
production country: GB
feature year: 1964
length (PAL - DVD): 89 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: George pole LOCK
film script: David PUR-universe
Jack Seddon
production: Lawrence P. Brook man
music: Ron Goodwin
camera: The moon Dickinson
cut: Ernest walter

murderer ahoi! a British Kriminalfilm is from the year 1964. As only of the four measure Marple - filmings with Margaret Rutherford it is not based on a collecting main of the English authoress Agatha Christie.

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the film begins during the annual Kuratoriumssitzung of an auxiliary association for young people, who became remarkable by smaller crimes. The donation possesses an old sailing boat of the navy, the “H.M.S. Battledore ". One the Kuratoriumsmitglieder is obviously excited because of an incident on the ship. Hardly at the row to report, the gentleman with heart failure breaks down. When the excitement put, measures Marple places firmly that contents of its Schnupftabakdose disappeared and the window stands openly - their suspicion is waked.

With self-willed chemical house methods finds measure Marple out that the Schnupftabak, from which she could save a small remainder was poisoned. Interestingly enough the murder follows exactly the pattern of a book, which had read it straight. Since the Kuratoriumsmitglied had last accomplished an inspection attendance on the sailing boat Battledore, also measures Marple decides that you would do something sea-air well.

In particular their desire during the inspection of several days on the ship to stay overnight leads to some amusing scenes. As so frequently in these films further murders happen and begin the circle that suspecting to limit. Also these murders follow partially the pattern of the book, which is - a little surprisingly - naturally also in the ship library. Measures Marple is supported as usual by the librarian Mr. Stringer, represented of stringer Davis.


murderer ahoi! is the third from altogether four measure Marple filmings with Margaret Rutherford in the main role. Due to the charm and still amusing joke all four works apply as cult films, which are also very often repeated on the television.

The script to the film comes from the two film script authors David PUR-universe and Jack Seddon, which also for treatment of the collecting mains to 16 o'clock 50 starting from PAD thing clay/tone and four women and a murder was responsible.


the film music to the measure Marple films comes from Ron Goodwin. The title melody appeared on different LPs and CDs. A Suite from the films is on that CD “The measures Marple of film “, label X LXE 706 available.

In this film the original voice is to be heard by Margaret Rutherford in the German version, if it, somewhat self-willed, with which performance of Rule Britannia along-sings.



  • George Seesslen: George pole LOCK and the British measure Marple films in ders.: Murder in the cinema. History and mythology of the detective film. Rowohlt, Reinbek with Hamburg 1981, ISBN 3-499-17396-4

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