the tiredness is a displeasure due to a past effort, an illness or the suppressed sleep need.

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tiredness as illness

durable tiredness (also „organic tiredness “) is a disease picture.

While everyone knows the tiredness, which follows physical and/or mental effort, and which can be repaired by sufficiently sleep from lack of sleep, the diagnosis and treatment of the cause of longer continuing tiredness without an immediately evident cause is one of the completely difficult problems of the everyday life medicine.

Roughly one can differentiate between to rapid fatigue and continuous tiredness.

To rapid fatigue meant, one is in the morning and fit after a dwell phase, becomes however faster tired, if one exercises used activities. Here frequently illnesses are such as blood poverty or infections, or also heart - and lung illnesses as a cause to find.

The continuous tiredness against it begins already in the morning, one feels never quite out-slept, later on the day becomes it rather better. Here mental disturbances and disturbances of the hormone household as most frequent causes ( z are. B. a too high Melatoninspiegel), as well as chronic illnesses such as cancer, house dust allergy or heavy lung illnesses to call or also the Schlafapnoe syndrome. Also wrong sleep habits can lead to continuous tiredness.

Tiredness is associated also frequently with that chronic exhaustion syndrome (CFS - chronicle fatigue syndromes). This syndrome expresses itself however more by a continuous exhaustion and exhausting barness as well as several specific Begleitsymptome. Here among other things a virus infection is discussed as a possible cause.

Nichtorgani tiredness

the not-organic tiredness develops, if the body does not keep sleep necessary however. Very strong tiredness is often also a source of error, z. B. the cause for traffic accidents.

The following simple measures against the tiredness worked satisfactorily (a diseased cause of the tiredness should be excluded before):

  • Sufficient sleep, approx. 7-8 hours
  • sleep not too much,
  • before rising easy gymnastic in bed (legs tighten, stretch etc. for necks)
  • to rising its and to fresh air cold water, z
  • go briefly actively immediately. B. Castings after minister Kneipp daily 3-mal, or 1x of legs/arms brush and change showers hot/coolly
  • continuous daily rhythm
  • short Ruhepausen under tags, possibly. with prayer or Meditation
  • easy movement at fresh air (walk, moving, light garden work or gymnastic)
  • not too much eat
  • annual 1-2 weeks welfare-chamfered (see also chamfering time)
  • tranquilizers and alcohol to avoid
  • relative harmless chemical Muntermacher (in masses) like
    • coffee, dte, chocolate.


  • M. B. Ray: Never more tiredly its, Parnass publishing house 1949 (English original title How of never tons tired)

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