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a mill (of the old high German: muli, of latin: molina; too molere - grind) are equipment, a machine or a plant, around stückigesTo cut up task material to fine or purify-granular final product. Historically the term will be used also still in a somewhat broader sense for certain commercial plants, those with water power will be operated (paper mill, sawing mill, stone mill). During less high requirementsto the refinement degree of the final product crushers are used for cutting up.

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organization of the mills

according to the kind of the drive (historical organization)

Click Mill; Wassermühle mit horizontalem Mühlrad - eine nordische Konstruktion hier auf Orkney (Mainland)
Click Mill; Wassermühle with horizontal Mühlrad - a nordische construction here on Orkney (Main country)

after the products (modern organization)

  • wire pulling mill (historical)
  • ore mill (historical)
  • color mill (historical)
  • Kaffeemühle (historical)
  • Lohmühle (historical)
  • paper mill (historical)
  • Powder mill (historical)
  • sawing mill (historical)
  • sharpening mill (historical)
  • silk linen thread mills or silk mill (historical)
  • stone mill (historical)
  • Milling mill during the cloth production (historical)
  • Waidmühle for the production of textile color (historically)
  • Zuckermühle (historical)
  • zichorienmühle (historical)

according to the kind of the construction (modern organization)

numerous mill forms are in the “mill museum “in GIF horn (Lower Saxony).


  • German mill day: Annually at whit-monday - country wide (list of participants at the German society for mill preservation and mill customer DGM).
  • Netherlands mill day: Annually at Whitsuntide.
  • Swiss mill day: Annually on Saturday after ramp (Ascension Day). One finds lists of participants on the Internet sides of the organizations.
  • 12.International mill symposium of the TIMS: 2007 in Holland.



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