Mülheimer bridge

the Mülheimer bridge is a suspension bridge over the Rhine and connects Cologne quarters the Mülheim and Riehl.

Mülheimer bridge

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the first Mülheimer bridge (1927-1944)

Mülheim was before connected by a Schiffbrücke - similar the Deutzer Schiffbrücke - with the linksrheinischen bank.

The city Cologne had itself with the incorporation contract with the city Mülheim at the 1. April 1914 for the building of a firm bridge obligates. Due to the First World War and the time of inflation first steps were very many later undertaken for realization only.


a jury had selected the suggestion of the company Krupp, a monumental elbow bridge. The mayor at that time Konrad Adenauer pleaded however for a slimmer suspension bridge with carrying ropes of the Mülheimer Carl work of Felten&Guilleaume. The public discussion culminated to 28. April 1927 in a 43/36 advice majority for the suspension bridge. With a political trick Adenauer had brought also the KPD parliamentary group behind itself.

planning and building

to 19. May 1927 was begun with the building. To 20. June 1927 was closed and diminished the Mülheimer ship bridge.

The finished bridge opens to 13. October 1929 of the mayors at that time Konrad Adenauer. The bridge was used already at that time by the public rail suburban traffic.


the bridge was implemented as “false cable suspension bridge. The traction powers that are taken up carrying rope by the reinforced Fahrbahnträger as thrust forces. So heavy ground anchors can be avoided. In pictures this building method of the first Mülheimer bridge is to be recognized by the fact that the flanks run blunt against the Pylone.

In the Second World War 14. October 1944 at noon was destroyed this first Mülheimer bridge by an air raid. By the internal forces of this building method also the Pylone was umgeknickt.


  • situation: Current kilometer of 691.9
  • weight: 14,800 tons
  • of span: 315 m
  • : 708.29 m
  • Fahrbahnbreite: 17.20 meters
  • of wheel and footpaths: 2 x of 5 meters
  • of costs: RD 10 millions RM

the postwar bridge (since 1951)

the new building of the Mülheimer bridge became after a draft a Cologne architect William Riphahn under the technical consultation of Fritz Leonhardt to 13. October 1949 begun. The inauguration took place to 8. September 1951 in presence by Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.


the new bridge resembles the predecessor bridge optically. However for the new bridge an earth anchorage that was selected rope, so that the bridge body could be konstuiert more easily and slimmer than Orthotrope plate. In contrast to the predecessor bridge now the Pylone beside the Fahrbahnträger stands.


1976/77 took place the change of the Brückenfahrbahnen with separate metropolitan railway track body.


  • situation: Current kilometer of 691.9
  • weight: 5780 tons
  • of span: 315 m
  • : 708.29 m
  • broad: 27.20 meters
  • of costs: 12,2 million DM


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