Resident of Munich agreement

residents of Munich the agreement became of the solution of the Sudetenkrise to 29. September to resident of Munich conference met head of the government Grossbritanniens, France, Italy and Germany in the night to 30. September 1938 in the resident of Munich building of leaders at the king place signs.

Under switching Mussolinis (on initiative Görings) - and in absence of a representative of Czechoslovakia - the prime ministers of Great Britain , Chamberlain , and France , Daladier , with the agreement Hitler their agreement for the connection of the Sudetenlandes , gave to its population completely was predominantly German-language and the connection by the majority wished, to the German Reich. The Soviet Union allied with France and Czechoslovakia was not invited.

Great Britain and France saw this resolution as necessary measure, in order to prevent a war (Appeasement politics) guaranteed and for it continued the Czechoslovakian remainder state. The representatives of Czechoslovakia, not in the conference to participate were allowed - everything in front the president at that time EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Beneš - felt to betray. Therefore it becomes of the Czech population as Resident of Munich betrayal designates or jokeful „over us, without us “. Resident of Munich the agreement remained alive until today in the consciousness of the Czechs as black date in history.

The Soviet Union rejected residents of Munich the agreement and its consequences. It offered to thatCzechoslovakia and France military assistance with the penetration of the existing treaty of mutual assistance on, which was rejected. Recent research for instance of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Overy points out itself that the military assistance offer was connected with substantial troop movements as well as partial mobilization of the Red Army, itaround a diplomatic gesture did not thus only act.

In the eyes of the Soviet Union the Western powers with the resident of Munich proved agreements that they worked even with the national socialists together, in order to isolate the Soviet Union. Logically it changed its foreign policy overand the approximation at Germany searched. Thus belongs resident of Munich the agreement to the prehistory of the Hitler Stalin pact.

Hitler and residents of Munich the agreement

Hitler were pushed against his will from Mussolini, Göring and Abdegu to Munich. He sawthe Sudetenkrise as opportunity to be able to begin its war in the east without intervention of the Western powers. Residents of Munich the agreement felt it as defeat. Into its last Bunkermonologe it held the opinion, 1938 the correct moment to the beginning of war would have been. Howit however this war against the Western powers and the Soviet Union would have wanted to lead, betrayed it not.

Still in the apron of the Poland war the shade of Munich pursued it: “My largest concern is that in last minute pig dog with oneSwitching plan comes ", said it to its generals. With “pig dog” recognizably Göring and Mussolini were meant.

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