Right of coining money

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The right of coining money (in former times: Münzregal - called regalia the sovereignty rights of the king and a national gentleman) is later the power to coin/shape coins andto bring in circulation. The Münzregal covers also the kind of the coinage and the heads of the respective coins. The right of the coinage of coins can be lent however also by the state.

right of coining money in the European monetary union

also after introduction of the euro in the European union the right of coining money remained at the respective national governments.

German right of coining money

in Germany is incumbent on the right of coining money according to kind. 73 No. 4 GG alone the federation. The right of coining money is exercised by the Federal Government. The coins become by the German Federal Bank according to the need spent and over the private and public credit institutes into traffic brought and form the so-called “mintage”.

The Federal Republic of Germany has several Münzstätten: These are Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Hamburg and Berlin. In the meantime only fractional coins become, D. h. Coins, of themManufacturing costs and materials value below the expenditure and/or. Nominal value lie, in circulation brought. The profit flows to the Federal Budget. Kurantmünzen so mentioned, D. h. Coins, whose manufacture and materials value correspond to the expenditure value, are not any longer coined/shaped.

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