the MAN AG (engine works Augsburg - Nuremberg AG) is getting thing with seat in Munich, which manufactures commercial motor vehicles , machines and plants. It employsworld-wide about 62,000 coworkers with an annual conversion of 15 billion Euro, of it 75% abroad.

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  • to 30. September of 2005 oil/gas burners as well as boiler MAN heating technique, daughterthe MAN B&W Diesel AG
  • to 1. June 2005 MAN technology, today MT Aerospace AG (does not belong any longer to the company)
  • starting from 1.Juli 2006 belongs to MAN Roland no longer to the company, but into a joint undertaking by alliance and MAN ONE is transferred


the MAN AG exists in its current form as holding company, since in the year 1986 the company M.A.N. on the property hope hut share association AG was merged .

1898 fused the mechanical engineering AG Nuremberg (1841 based) and engine worksAugsburg AG (1840 based) to united engine works Augsburg and mechanical engineering company Nuremberg A.G., Augsburg. 1908 took place renaming into engine works Augsburg Nuremberg AG, Augsburg (M.A.N.).

Rudolf Diesel built 1897 with engine works at that time Augsburg for the first functional and after it designated Diesel engine.

During the Second World War in the work Nuremberg also tanks were built of the type Panther.

MAN ONE was to 1990 manufacturers of rail-mounted vehicles. Since 1986 this branch under the name MAN property hope hut rail traffic technology AG firmierte. Were produced for example Rail penalty for the German Federal Railroads and private railway companies as well as underground - and streetcar cars for example for the residents of Munich public transport company and of Bremen the streetcar AG. 1990 sold its rail-mounted vehicle section to MAN ONES at AEG.

2001 became the Stuttgart bus manufacturers God praise Auwärter GmbH& cost. Kg taken over, which manufactured buses under the label name Neoplan. It firmierte since that time as Neoplan bus GmbH and with the bus section from MAN ONES to the group of firms NEOMAN was combined.

In June 2005 the MAN AG its Augsburger sold space travel daughter MAN ONE Technology, which carries since then the name MT Aerospace AG. This step served the reaching the AG imposed a goal of the focusing on the five Kernbreiche of commercial motor vehicles, industrial services, pressure systems, diesel engines and turbomachines.

MAN ONE of 60,000 coworkers employed and gained 2005 oneAnnual turnover of approx. 15 billion euro.

MAN group

“contract company” out:

too these belong also since 1971 count & pin, since 1991 the Steyr Daimler Puch of commercial motor vehicles AG, since 2000 the British truck manufacturer ERF and since 2001 NEOPLAN.
is a subsidiary of the MAN AG and today (conditions 2004) the second largest printing machine manufacturer world-wide.
is internationally more activeManufacturer for chemical reactors, plants and physical apparatuses (and. A. the plasma container Wendelstein of the 7-X for the institute for Max-Planck for plasma physics in grab forest, ultrahighly vacuum container for the Karlsruhe tritium neutrino experiment (KATRIN) for the research center Karlsruhe).
  • MAN B&W DieselAG, likewise with seat in Augsburg
the conversion of MAN B&W Diesel amounted to 2004 over 1.4 billion euro with approximately 6900 persons employed. To the MAN B&W Diesel company belongs and. A. the B&W Diesel A/S, the development MAN in Copenhagen resident andSelling of Zweitakt - large diesel engines mainly for marine engines takes off, while Augsburger is responsible principal firm for four-stroke diesel engines starting from a drilling of 16 cm. The name part of B & W is derived from the previous owner names “Burmeister and Wain”.
  • MAN Ferrostaal AG
  • MAN Financal services GmbH
  • MAN TAKRAF; Leipzig
  • SET AG right with head office in Augsburg
is quoted 76% - a daughter of the MAN AG and world-wide active manufacturer within the ranges car gearing (tracked vehicles), industrial transmission, ship gear, clutches, sliding bearing, test systems. Set righthas manufacturing works in Augsburg (car gearing, industrie and ship gear, test systems), Rheine (industrie and ship gear, clutches) and Hanover (sliding bearing, clutches) as well as further addresses in the USA, Brazil, Turkey, VAE and Romania as well as licensees in Taiwan and South Korea.
With sliding bearings (so-called E-camps for Elektromaschinen)as well as with the special vehicle transmissions (and. A. for the German battle tank leopard 2, self-propelled howitzer of 2000 etc.) is sets right world market leaders.
With ship and industrial transmissions takes straighten likewise prominent positions.
The society busily at present about 1,500 coworkers and has an annual turnover ofabout 270 millions Euro.

MAN AG shares

the intended buy-back volume of 7.160.000 preference stocks corresponds to 16.3% of the preferred and 4.6% of the entire share capital. After the buy-back are 110.280.000 common stock and 36.760.000 preference stocks in circulation. ThatRelationship of the master to preference stocks in circulation amounts to then 3 to 1. The advantages capital will thus represent 25% of the total capital in circulation present.

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