Portabler MP3-Player
of portable MP3-Player

a MP3-Player or a MP3-Spieler is equipment, which plays digitally stored audio files, which in the MP3 - format are present. Many MP3-Player support further formats like for example AAC, WMA or Ogg Vorbis.

The MP3-Player has Walkman dominating in former times - devices as far as possible displacesand exist in different designs. Portable devices found far spreading, with which one can hear on the way music. The storage of the MP3-Dateien can take place thereby on firmly inserted memory, z. B. on Flash memory (capacity: up to 6 GB) or non removable disks (z. B. Apple iPod, Archos, aigo, Creative or more iRiver) (capacity: up to 100 GB). Often however also exchangeable storage media begun, in particular memory cards (SD-maps, Smart Media maps). On CDs stored MP3-Dateien can be shown with CD-Playern with integrated MP3-Abspielfunktion, as portable devices orCondition alone solutions are available.

Noatun MP3-Player von KDE
Noatun MP3-Player of KDE

the functionality of the Player constantly rises, while the mechanical quality of workmanship varies further strongly. Many devices have meanwhile beside ID3-Tag - announcement also a dictating function, UKW - radios and integrated Akkus. As display now slowly OLED sits down after LCD(English. „Organic Light Emitting diode “) through. The devices can indicate apart from the rendition of music now also often films, videos and photos, and function besides still as mobile data memories, in order to exchange files between individual systems. Also newer models are not any more on prefabricated MP3-Dateieninstructed, they can convert music immediately from external and internal audio sources in the equipment into MP3-Dateien. More extensive MP3-Player as iPod functions often also than directory, appointment calendars, note booklet, bells and the like. Further function is the transmission of photos of a memory card on the non removable disk of thePlayers over an appropriate interface (e.g. integrated map reader) and announcement on a television, as this for instance the Zen plans vision of Creative.

The first portable MP3-Player with storage on at that time of Siemens developed MMC again 1995 by Pontis in black field was built. Its realTriumphant advance began the MP3-Player with the conception iPod from Apple in the year 2001.

The designation MP3-Player is used however not exclusively for devices, but partially also as name for software programs, the MP3-Dateien at least to show or also sort can (sees audio Player) (z. B. iTunes, amaroK, Noatun, foobar2000, Winamp, XMMS, Sonique).

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