Ms Munich

model of the ms Munich

the ms Munich was a modern German LAX - cargo ship. The ship of the shipping company Hapag Lloyd went to 12/13 in the night of. December 1978 in the Atlantic under.

the fall

after meet-long gale with middle wave heights of up to 16 m set that off 261 m for a long time, for its time very modern ship (LASH carrier = transport large, buoyant container) several very weak SOS calls, which released one of the largest and lengthiest international rescue actions in the Atlantic in the consequence north the Azores. The ship remained verschollen including crew (28 persons).

Were found only three saved (buoyant containers), an empty, destroyed life raft and an emergency radio-beacon as well as empty, to partly oil-smeared liferafts. The investigation at that time of the maritime court and newer realizations over Freak so mentioned Waves permit the conclusion that those became at that time as practically us valid and on the basis of modern criteria equipped Munich victim of one or several of these waves with 25-35 m height. The ship had thereafter 50 degrees heavy heeling and was not maneuverable because of the failed electrical connection without drive and.

It sank only 33 hours later, however fatal-proves due to inaccurate position indications (it gave at that time no government inspection department or Satellitentelefonie) in the wrong place searched. A rescue was not therefore in this time interval possible. The exact fall position is today unknown until, however rumors hold themselves, according to which American of military are to have of it knowledge.

Since the tradition name Munich was not any longer assigned to the fall of the ship with the shipping company Hapag Lloyd.

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