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receipt: Satellite, cable & DVB-T
of countries: Germany, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Asia
entrepreneurial group of: Viacom Inc.
Business guide: For Germany: Catherine mill man, Tim Ellis
Erstausstrahlung: The USA:01. August 1981 at 0.01 o'clock

Germany: 01. August 1987 (until 1995 exclusively English-language, starting from 1997 establishment of “MTV cent RAl” for the German-speaking countries

program type: Section program (music)

MTV network GmbH & CO OHG
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MTV speak: emtiwi (abbreviation for M usic T ele V ision) is a private television station, which shows mainly music videos. MTV was created 1981 in the USA and was at this time the first section program, itsContents exclusively on music videos concentrated.

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Die amerikanische MTV Zentrale in New York City (456) (Mai 2004)
American MTV center in New York town center (456) (May 2004)

like most trends of thelate past century, the idea of a pure music transmitter in the USA was born. MTV goes thereby back on the two main participants Michael Nesmith and John lacquer. Nesmith was member of the group of Monkees, which he left 1970. Thereupon it created further of volume andproduced even songs, until he brought the Pacific kind corporation into being and with their 1975 first own production on the market threw. Only one year later followed the LP From A radio engine ton of A photon Wing with the hit single Rio. Duringit with its plate by Australia tourte, became attentive it to the Australian Top-40-Format (corresponded to a Chartshow of the places 1 to 40). As important characteristic it recognized the deferred radiant emittance of music videos, whereby the interpreters and/or. Volume contrary to live-photographs clearly better inLight to be set knew.

At this time the music video in the USA did not have itself yet interspersed, probably however already in Europe and Australia. Outriders were among other things the Beatles, those frequently not in time in the Studio to be could and thus an admission locallyproduced and these then for transmission line sent.

When Nesmith returned, he produced a test ending of Popclips. This was a 30-minütige Chartsendung, which itself to the Australian Top-40 - transmission leaned. With the test video, its single Rio plus and the video material crossed Nesmith with John lacquerup. This was at that time the second man with Warner AMEX Satellite Entertainment company (WASEC), which a Joint venture between American Express and Warner Bros.was. Lacquer pleased the idea at first attempt, and it gave scarcely 50 episodes to the transmission in order, to it thenthe entire concept and the name bought up. First however lacquer left some episodes of Popclips on Nickelodeon, the child and youth transmitter of Warner Cable, runs and these was taken up quite positively.

American Express bought to 1979 half of the portions of Warner Cable and asnew department developed for WASEC. One of their goals was the spreading of the satellite-to-receiver telecasting. In order to create however an increase in value for the customers, new channels had to be created. First this happened with a Movie Channel (comparable with today's premiere the 1) and the child transmitter Nickelodeon. WASEC wantedbut still another third transmitter into the world set, whose format was however not yet finally certain. By John lacquer a section channel with the main adjustment on music was favored.

After now by Nesmith the first material was present and was successful the test run with Nickelodeon, becamein January 1981 the suggestions the executive committees of American Express and Warner Bros. submitted. After it became zögerlich one „“through run towards, the kind of sending on the 1. August 1981 fixed. In the remaining six months at a master station one built. In addition was also thoseTreatment of the video raw material and above all the co-operation of all partners too importantly. Two weeks before the start one jumped the VJs (video jockey; spoken: Veejay) from production. One found within shortest time still replacement and punctually to the first transmission date was allOn and Abmoderationen of the VJs on video cassette available.

Now was it so far: Pünklich to the 1. August 1981 went MTV on transmission. Is the first video, video keel Kiel The radio star of the Buggles, to a large extent admits second is almost unknown: You Better run of Pat Benatar. The kind of sending was not particularly successful, because only 800,000 households could see MTV and it real gave only 13 advertising partners and 168 music videos, of it alone 30 by Rod Stewart. The music video revolution should begin however.

The five beginning VJs:

  • Martha Quinn
  • Alan Hunter
  • Mark of Goodman
  • J. J. Jackson
  • Nina Blackwood

apart from further breakdowns, as for example completely in disorder the sequence brought of the presentations and occasional clay/tone losses, was quite turbulent the start time. But step by step MTV developed its monopolistic position in the USA and reached with everyoneYear new spectator records. Main cause of the strong expansion was the increased free radiant emittance in the cable system. Besides at this time the national cable system was fully removed. Many households had thereby the possibility, instead of the few transmitters over the conventional house antenna, the whole spectrum of the transmitters over thatTo receive cable system.

Nesmith, which jumped off after the production of the first relay “Popclips” the music transmitter idea, found however neither the idea of the presentations nor the intensified commercialization and advertising effect of the music videos really successfully. According to its opinion music videos were for the addition of the music thought a “more higher” Art form. With WASEC however the goal was to be created rather a further platform, in order to set the paragraph in motion of music, by of volume an image to be embodied and so salespromoting visualization - thereby being able to be used naturally also identification -. This was strengthened by messagesfrom the music scene and young humans, who anmoderierten the videos. Thus also the term of the VJs was then coined/shaped, which announces videos instead of plates to present. Many the VJs achieved a very high admitting heating degree and became for their part also very prominent. Prime examples leave themselves also in thatGerman television history, particularly with VIVA, with Stefan Raab and Heike Makatsch, find.

A majority of the available music videos, which were played into the 80ern, were mostly wild Zusammenschnitte of concert videos and material, which one from the last corners of archives to dayhad promoted. With the time the popularity of the transmitter and the music industry rose recognized the potential of the medium as advertising platform. With at the same time the development accompanied that increases music videos only for the music transmitters were turned. A nice side effect was the discovery of talentierten directors, which hit a successful career later.

Many careers that today admitted musicians base on the appearances with MTV. In addition counts beside Duran Duran, Bon Jovi also Michael Jackson, which began considerably its second career with MTV. Also Madonna became into the 80ernonly over MTV admits and is even today still, as many other music sizes, on the support (US) of the transmitter dependent around its music to marked out. Originally the program contained mainly of skirt music of lightmembranous star. Therefore this in the 90's, their answer provoked race-discriminating against reproaches thena clearly higher number of RWS music videos was.

1984 were added a further milestone: MTV video music Awards, briefly VMAs. They developed to one of the most important stages of the music industry and stand in the meantime equally beside that often as old-fashionably designated Grammy Awards. InYear 1991 came the appropriate counterpart for films, MTV Movie Awards also on the transmitter. For some years exist now also MTV Europe music Awards, which deals more particularly with the European needs. Into the 1990er years justified MTV with Unplugged - musicother new mode wave. 1992 came with the transmission MTV Most Wanted moderated from Ray Cokes a rather chaotic Liveshow on the transmitter, in which for the first time also the spectators could participate interactively. The spectators could wish themselves music videos, the entire Studiocrew became family inthe expiration of the show merged. Besides musician arose and volume here live. VIVA copied similar formats later with Stefan Raab.

MTV began with the 24-stündigen radiant emittance of music videos, but in the course of the time the program changed more to transmissions, only toEdge with music to do had. In addition animated Cartoons counts such as Beavis and Butt Head and Daria, “Reality shows” like The material World, MTV The Trip, Comedysendungen (The Tom Green show, Buzzkill, Jackass) and finally whole series, z. B.Undressed. Summarized the program organization essentially changed starting from the second half of the last decade from pure music videos to more comprehensive “youth-suited” productions.

MTV is nowadays received over almost the entire globe, mostly also still in regionally adapted formats, too, and the introduction of the digital Satellitenfersehens broughta further differentiation with itself: MTV2, MTV hit (GB), MTV music (GB), MTV cousin (GB) and MTV thanks (GB). MTV2 accepted and radiates now the original format MTV transmitter family now almost exclusively music tie-clips. MTV music plays excluding music tie-clips.

The German situation of the transmitter is somewhat differently. It is however closely linked with the structure by MTV Europe, which was started 1985 from London under the line of the Texaners Mark of Booth. The transmitter had a long fight in completely Europe however particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alsothe various institutes for medium, cable systems and the German post office, in order to be locked. The German music industry, which controls the business also in Switzerland and Austria, had fear that MTV Europe would lead to a further Veramerikanisierung of the scene. MTV Communication director Christine Gorham got the initiator of theMagazine Metal hammer, Wilfried F. Rimensberger, that the ice to break knew and as a network development advisor the music transmitter in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the combination provided and local artists such as Peter Maffay, Udo lime tree mountain or Dieter Meier with MTV actions verkoppelte.

MTV Europepursued however despite the continuing interventions of Rimensberger and other non-American coworkers a very anglophile music direction, which was only taken back after the outlet of the first MTV Europe Geschäftführers Mark of Booth by better localization, thus also with office and Studios in Germany, something. This politics of the localization, thosebefore by Rimensberger to be again and again suggested, under Marks Booth however not be carried out knew, by the new MTV Europe managing director and Australian Brent Hanson across Europe was strongly advanced completely. In order to catch the higher costs, the MTV receipt in Europe became for the first time liable to pay the costs.

However was to thisTime already Dieter Gorny with support of some disk labels with the German-language competition product VIVA in the starting holes. After one could receive MTV Europe only coded, Konkurrenzsender VIVA in Germany had easy play and could the segment of MTV take over. By the success ofOne recognized VIVA in the executive floor of MTV Europe that the strategy had been wrong a Fernsehstation auszusendenen central of London. Thus 1997 began a regionalization of the MTV program and in Germany could one in this year now 3 hours MTV program on German receive. The kostenpfichtigeReceipt was stopped again and MTV became Free TV transmitter.

MTV began to send Nickelodeon at 1999 in Germany on the satellite frequency of the adjusted child channel. MTV cent ral, the MTV Regionalsender for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, was born. The regional MTV transmitters were since then continued to remove always.Today there are 13 regional MTV transmitters in Europe, which adapt their program to the appropriate music culture in the respective country. In the course of the years it succeeded MTV cent ral, on the German television market ever to more market-divides to conquer and with VIVA finally up close. Around thatPressure to VIVA to increase, started MTV cent ral 2001 the Mainstreamkanal MTV2POP, which on the section Pop and thanks concentrated and were positioned against VIVA.

Since 2005 is VIVA completely in the possession MTV parent company Viacom. After the assumption of VIVA those becameboth MTV transmitters and the two VIVA transmitters again complementary positions. MTV cent ral became more sharp-edged „“and has since then a program rather co-ordinated with the male public. VIVA served now the female spectators and sends since then almost exclusively Mainstream. The transmitter MTV2 POP became at the 11. /12. September2005 by the child transmitter NOD replaced. NOD is the revival of the child transmitter Nickelodeon. To Viacom, largest US of medium companies with own Filmstudios and cable system works, also the channel VH1 , that belongs itself to the owner of MTV and one mainly to the older clienteleturns.

criticism at MTV

ways of its comprehensive operational readiness level in the music landscape and the intensified commercialization of the music business resulting from it is frequently accused of MTV to occur importance the music in culture and criticism and to replace it by purely visual incentives. Thisalso the VIVA boss brought out, after most videos became to transfer in the year 2001 from musikartisten of kind ofmusic to MTV and MTV in the music industry were generally preferred.

Principal part-own of MTV at present the medium enterprise is Viacom. Viacom is recently also principal part-own the VIVA AG (summer 2004)(75,8 %). Thus Viacom has practically a monopolistic position for music video publications in Germany and can thus straight young people affect (purchase habits, mode etc.).

In addition critics state that volume, who are to be seen frequent on the transmitter not because of their quality success it registers, but by theirby MTV admittingness supported.

The commercialization shows up most clearly in the today's form of “mode trends” Handyklingelton. Various companies, which recruit in certain time windows on MTV and VIVA for the newest bell tones or plays, try to reach in such a way aimed the spectators affected by these transmitters.One may argue about whether this grotesque kind of the advertisement does not harm the image of the music transmitters on long time. The portion of the bell clay/tone advertisement of the total time of the advertisement was nevertheless shortened some time ago drastically. Since October 2005 becomes in the main end time between 16and 24 o'clock now no more bell clay/tone advertisement radiated.

Particularly since the series Popetown on MTV to run is to have had particularly to away-put the transmitter from the church hard criticism. Whether the series is to run now on MTV, becomes at the 3. May 2006 in a public Diskusionwith representatives of the church un the media and naturally the spectators discusses.


MTV animation

of MTV first indication trick series at all was Beavis and Butt Head, it conquered in a flash many skirt fans, those the commentsto the music videos found very merry. The series was provided by MTV animation. Further MTV Animationsserien:


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